The Drawing Room's kickoff cocktail: Viva la Flora.
The Drawing Room's kickoff cocktail: Viva la Flora.
Courtesy Eunique Fowler

The Drawing Room: Custom Cocktails and Local Art at the Freehand

Some things just seem to be made to go together: peanut butter and jelly. Beyoncé and Jay-Z. And of course, art and cocktails.

This week, art and cocktails will come together brilliantly at The Drawing Room at the Freehand Miami. Every second Friday of the month, a local artist will exhibit his/her work around the lobby and outdoor area of the Freehand. But here's the best part: The Broken Shaker bar within the hotel will be serving a signature cocktail crafted especially for the occasion.

"At each monthly event, the artist will work with the Broken Shaker to develop a custom-made recipe for one cocktail," says Dominique Breard, curator for The Drawing Room.

The first artist honored to kick off the series is Johnny Laderer, a sculptor of unique sorts. The yummy inaugural cocktail will be a flowery twist on a traditional Hemingway daiquiri called "Viva la Flora." Creative director Eunique Fowler gave us the goods on the ingredients: hibiscus tea reduction, fresh citrus, maraschino liqueur mixed with silver rum and herbs, and topped with Grapefruit Perrier. If that delectable drink isn't more reason enough to go, we don't know what is.

A lover of art and drinks, Fowler set out to merge two of her favorite worlds. "The whole idea," says Fowler, "is to bring together two cultural front runners into one collaborative experience that will allow people who may not normally have exposure to some of the best in the Miami art scene or some of the best in Miami cocktail culture to one place."

The Drawing Room: Custom Cocktails and Local Art at the Freehand
Adrian Gaut

Unlike a typical gallery setting, Fowler and Breard are bringing the artwork to the trendy hostel. Each month, artists will set up their work all around the lobby and outdoor area of the hotel, and art-lovers have the opportunity to walk around at their leisure -- with drink in hand, of course.

When one visits an art gallery or museum, there is an understood formal attitude, whereas at The Drawing Room it's all about a "playful atmosphere" and taking the artwork "outside the traditional exhibition space," says Breard.

The Freehand was the perfect location for an event like this, Breard says, not only because of its vintage and Art Deco setting, but because their bar rocks. "The Broken Shaker is renowned for its excellent handcrafted cocktails," says Breard, "and offers a lush garden setting for patrons to kick back and relax."

The Drawing Room launches Friday, July 12, at 8 p.m. at the Freehand (2727 Indian Creek Drive, Miami Beach). Laderer's artwork will be available for purchase at the event. Visit The Drawing Room's event page on Facebook.

--Carolina del Busto

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