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The Dog Whisperer is Coming to Town

Cesar Millan, can we have your job? As The Dog Whisperer, you get to travel the country, communicating with troubled beasties like a postmodern Dr. Doolittle, and making pet owners love you along the way. You get to rescue adorable puppies, meet celebrities, and at the end of each show, the newly rehabilitated doggies and proud owners look at you with so much love, it makes us almost cry every time. (For example, watch him work with Kane, the Great Dane who’s afraid of shiny floors. So cute!)

Thanks to you, The Dog Whisperer is one of the most popular shows on the National Geographic channel. Any job that requires someone to rub the tummies of dogs can’t be that bad, can it?

It can. Being the Dog Whisperer isn’t all games of frisbee and rollerblading with happy packs of dogs. Millan has had some seriously freaky encounters with frighteningly troubled pets. Check out this clip of one of his toughest cases. Who in their right mind would want to try to pin down Emily the pitbull, barehanded? Maybe Millan is a little crazy. Watching him impersonate an aggressive dog will certainly convince you of that. But most geniuses are a little crazy, no?

If there’s any one thing we’ve learned from The Dog Whisperer, it’s this: The difference between a good dog and a bad dog, is the owner. So if you’re a bad dog owner, you’re in luck. The Dog Whisperer will be filming episodes around Miami, and tomorrow Millan will be making an appearance at the Dadeland Petco, 6200 S. Dixie Hwy., South Miami. From 1:00 to 3:00 p.m., he’ll be meeting fans and signing autographs, and show producers will be on hand to answer questions. You probably should leave your snarling little monster back home, but hopefully some of the Cesar Millan’s calm energy will rub off on you. --Patrice.Yursik


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