The Comedy Inn Starring Johnny Trabs, Dwayne Gill, and Asshole Magician Criss Blaine

The fine folks and dirty jokers over at the Comedy Inn have discovered a previously unknown permutation of the Perfect Friday Night. And it's surprisingly simple: Pack a bunch of fun junkies into a cozy Quality Inn ballroom, get them really drunk on beer and booze from the open bar, then toss a non-stop stream of wild-eyed comics at the stage before sending everyone to their hotel beds -- happy, horny, and haha-ed out.

Maybe you made it last Friday. But if not, Cultist was there and we brought you back a video recap. So get drunk, order some room service, and make the jump.

Johnny Trabs: The night was hosted by Johnny "Trabs" Trabanco, the shorter and fatter half of the comedy duo A Pair of Nuts. Just last week, Trabman and his tall and bald partner Yamil Piedra debuted their new VH1 reality show Money Hungry wherein the duo wore pink thongs and flashed some ass. It's all about comfort.

Chris Lugo: At an age when most kids are out in the streets getting high and getting laid, this 18 year old has decided to lock himself away in his room, working and reworking jokes about his bipolar mom, hard-ass dad, and the Matrix trilogy. That decision might suffocate his social life, but it'll probably pay in the end. We all know hardworking nerds eventually rule the world.

Criss Blaine (AKA Yamil Piedra of A Pair of Nuts): If you thought Criss Angel was the stupidest emo-goth magic geek in the history of mankind, just wait till you meet asshole magician Criss Blaine. He's the worst magic man -- and quite possibly the worst human being -- to every feather his hair and shave his chest in the name of entertainment.

Richy Lala: By his own admission, Richy's a fat, bald, Jewish human beatbox who almost never gets laid. He loves McDonald's, candy, and smoking weed. He also enjoys telling jokes at your expense. So, if you are any kind of female who happens to dig the pasty, lazy, sarcastic type, send him an email at richwerun@yahoo.com. For real, Mr. Richy Lala makes dreams come true.

Dwayne Gill: Sure, he comes from Detroit, but he doesn't come from the streets. The true story: Dwayne Gill is a comic-slash-cop who talks like a white guy thanks to a private school education. He splits his time between busting drunk drivers while driving drunk. C'mon, Internal Affairs ... Just a joke.

The Comedy Inn. Quality Inn, 14501 S. Dixie Hwy., Palmetto Bay. It goes down every Friday at 9:30 p.m., and tickets cost $25. Call 786-683-7999 or visit facebook.com/thecomedyinn.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.