The Bodhi Tree House Holistic Community Center and Store Opens in Wynwood

It's no secret that Miamians tend to be a little, ahem, overstressed — a drive in rush-hour traffic is a clear demonstration of the city's collectively high blood pressure. But now, the Bodhi Tree House is here to help lower those anxiety levels and assist residents of the 305 in feeling a little more at ease.

A holistic community center, store, and soon-to-open cafe, the spot held its grand opening last Thursday night in Wynwood. Hosts of the event included owner Marcela Muñoz, Ginnybakes founder and wellness leader Ginny Simon, self-help author Nikki Novo, PR guru JennyLee Molina, relationship expert Julia Ford-Carther, and social media influencer Daniella Veras.

"I was so honored by the attendance to our initial event — so many people told me they're excited about becoming a part of the Bodhi Tree House community," says Muñoz, founder. Also a life coach and crystalotherapist, Muñoz created the space as the culmination of a lifelong dream.

"I always wanted a place where people would feel welcome and supported in their journey towards enlightenment," she explains. The layout is designed to look like it's in the middle of a forest, complete with twinkly lights, tall trees, hanging swings, and white teepees, all designed by Miami's DIDA Home. 

The Bodhi Tree House lineup will include workshops and group classes like meditation, yoga, dance, and singing bowls, among others. Already on the schedule are a concert (August 28) and workshop (August 29 and 20) with singer/songwriter Daniel Bellone, as well as workshops with Novo starting in September and life coach Jennifer Grace in October.

The on-site retail store carries an array of items geared towards wellness and healing including jewelry, makeup, books, statues, crystals, and more from brands like NYC’s Red Flower, Siii, Made Simple, Valentine’s Home-Brewed, Trinketford, Lovetob, and Pyara Planet.

A vegetarian cafe is also in the works, although that part of the space isn't open just yet. It will sell organic, fair-trade coffee, organic snacks, drinks, and more.

The idea behind the location is to cultivate a sense of peace, serenity, and personal growth. 

"I named it the Bodhi Tree House because the bodhi tree is where Buddha sat to seek enlightenment. I want the space to serve that purpose for Miamians in need of a spiritual community," explains Muñoz. 

The Bodhi Tree House is located at 2200 NW Second Ave., Miami.

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