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The Best Things To Do in Miami This Weekend

The best time of the week is finally here — the weekend. And Miami offers everything from an award-winning journalist turned author at Books and Books, Chuckie spinning at Story, and the 1988 black-comedy classic Beetlejuice playing at Shirley's at Gramps. Here's just a glimpse at what our city has to offer this weekend, so get up and get ready for another memorable, Miami-style weekend.

  • Juliana Barbassa at Books & Books: A former Rio de Janeiro correspondent for the Associated Press, the award-winning journalist has had a career that’s led her all over the world, from Iraq, Malta, and Libya to Spain, France, and the United States. It was her home country of Brazil that inspired her debut book, Dancing With the Devil in the City of God: Rio de Janeiro on the Brink.
  • Mack-A-Poolooza at Fontainebleau: The Swedish House Mafia trio called it quits in 2013. It seemed as if everyone would go their separate ways until a year later, when Axwell and Ingrosso surprised dance music fans everywhere with the announcement that they would reunite as a duo.
  • Chuckie at Story: Calling the Netherlands home these days, Clyde Narain has quickly climbed to the top of the house music scene thanks to tight production skills and remixes. His biggest accomplishment is his Dirty Dutch parties, a series of events happening all over the world and the reason he is booked at Story this Friday.
  • Matthias Meyer at Do Not Sit on the FurnitureMeyer has a reputation of producing a highly refined style of house and techno –- never rushed and always giving each production as much time as it needs. His recent releases "November Jeremiah Ra Richardsin" and "Becuz" on the highly respected Watergate have been heavily supported by the scenes biggest names.
  • Chalk-Tacular at Dan Paul Park: Using Dan Paul Park as a three-acre canvas to win a Guinness World Record, we are drawing our dream park in chalk to rally for the park that was promised to the community over 20 years ago, though today it's still concrete and pavement.
  • Beetlejuice at Shirley's at Gramps: The 1988 black-comedy classic, directed by Tim Burton, follows a recently deceased couple, Adam and Barbara, who, after a car accident, end up haunting their old country home now inhabited by unbearable yuppies.
  • Jill Scott at Hard Rock Live: This past May she released her single, “Fools Gold,” where she laments a failed relationship for our listening pleasure.
  • Cocodrills Present En Noir at Space: A lot of kids have dreams, and we're all told to shoot for the stars, but the unfortunate reality is a lot of us get lost along the way. Well, the Cocodrills guys must have found some magic map because they never wavered or wandered while reaching for the sky.
  • Lincoln Road Farmers Market at Lincoln Road Mall: You’ll find a spectacular display of fruits, veggies, fresh flowers and plants, bread, honey, jams, and other items that people around the country have to buy indoors.
  • The Do-Over Miami at Sidebar: It's L.A.'s summertime version of a Sunday-afternoon backyard boogie, where the hazy, tropical Hollywood skyline blends with the homemade sangria, and the identities of the guest selectors aren't announced until they step to the turntables.

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