The 21st-Annual Shelley Novak Awards: Wigs, Glitter, and Ass for Days (Video)

That fierce roar you heard pierce the South Beach night a few days ago was nothing but the ecstatic cry of all the humble and talented winners of the 21st-Annual Shelley Novak Awards, honoring the brightest and most fabulous drag queens on the SoBe scene.

It was a wild adventure of song, dance and wigs like you wouldn't believe, and there was plenty of alcohol because it all went down at Score Nightclub. We caught the event on camera, because we all know drag queens love to put on a show for the bright lights.

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"Like any other 21 year old, I plan to get it drunk and finger bang it," Novak teased into the camera. She had her hands full throughout the evening (it's a lot harder to wrangle 30-some-odd drag queens than you could possibly imagine), but her witty quips and relaxed hosting style kept the damn thing going till the bitter end.

A heartfelt rendition of "I'm Still Here" from Novak finished the night, a testament to the Emmy winner's courageous triumph over cancer and dedication to bringing class-act entertainment with emphasis on the "ass."

We can't wait for the next one.

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