The 13 Studs of Florida Supercon 2014

Florida Supercon took over the Miami Beach Convention Center this weekend and proved that South Florida loves it some geeky goodness. Part of what makes conventions like this one so attractive is all the actual attractive people who attend.

Smart, nerdy people are sexy too. And sometimes, they like to costume play.

Often in the cosplaying world, we objectify females who dress in short skirts and low-cut tops (like the comic book character they're portraying). But let's not forget the men who like to cosplay. And for the sake of equality -- because: feminism -- we decided to focus on those handsome men.

Here are the 13 best studs at Florida Supercon this year.

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13. Captain Jack Sparrow

It may not be Johnny Depp underneath that wig, but this dude can sure rock that eyeliner just the same.

12. Final Fantasy 10

Stop staring at his giant sword - there's something sultry about that stare.

11. Stormtrooper

Even though his face is covered underneath that villainous helmet, we saw this stud without the garb and can vouch for his studliness.

10. The Joker

Any man who pays homage to the late-great Heath Ledger is a stud in our book. Plus, that hair.

9. Army dudes

When we asked these guys where exactly their costumes were from, they said nothing specific. So we're just going to pretend they're Josh Duhamel and Tyrese Gibson from the first Transformers movie, because that's relevant now.

8. The Flash

Aside from this stud's charming smile, his glasses had little lightning bolts on the sides. Adorable.

7. Cyclops

We might not be able to see his entire face, but he certainly melted us away with his James Marsden-esque stare.

6. Link

This stud looks fierce and ready to save princess Zelda from any and all dangers.

5. Bane

Does the "b" in Bane stand for biceps? We think yes.

4. Thranduil

Though the Elvenking is not the most charming in The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, this cosplayer stole our hearts with his attention to detail and his ability to pull off a long, blonde wig that could rival even Orlando Bloom.

3. Flynn Rider

It's Flynn Rider! From Tangled! Cuteness overload.

2. Xerxes

We're still scratching our heads as to how perfect this man's costume is.

1. Captain America

He's as every bit handsome as a defrosted Steven Rogers.

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