The 12 Gayest Outfits at the Miami Beach Pride Parade

If you were one of the tens of thousands of revelers at the Miami Beach Pride Parade and Festival yesterday, you know just how many fierce and faaah-bulous boys, girls, and in-between were there.

We decided to forgo all the drinking and dancing and just shoot some peeps (with our camera, that is). Even in this colorful, sequined, spandex-heavy crowd, more than a few Pridegoers managed to stand out. Our ten favorites, after the jump.

These party people were so excited, they wet their plants.

"You know nothing, Jon Snow. This is how the Night's Watch does Pride."

Ahoy! Permission to come aboard?

Not sure what "look" they were going for, but they definitely made a splash.

This guy is just tutu much. (See what we did there?)

Pinky Longstockings was surrounded by stalkers admirers all day.

Queen Novah does not play around.

We're not quite sure what these boots were made for, but we'd bet it ain't walkin'.

Girls will be girls.

"Take us to your lederhosen."

"We come in Prada."

"Resistance is futile; you will undergo this anal probe."

A bare set of tits with burly stubble? That's some upper-level gay costuming right there.

But of course, the gayest things you can wear to Pride are the lips of your gay lover. Happy Pride, everyone!

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