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The 11 Best Game of Thrones Cosplayers at Florida Supercon 2014

Each year, Florida Supercon attracts all sorts of fanatics, ranging from comic book lovers to lovers of comic book movies; from hidden-in-plain-sight X-Men to Hogwarts students taking a field trip other than to Hogsmeade; and from Dr. Who theorists to Star Wars enthusiasts.

You get the idea. It's a huge turnout and guests love to dress up. This year, however, since two of the special guests were from a little show you may have heard of called Game of Thrones, there was one particular fandom that dominated the cosplaying aspect of the convention.

Instead of seeing Stormtroopers galore, there were dozens of Khaleesi impersonators and even a merry gang made up of Little Finger, Joffrey, and Khal Drogo.

Check out our eleven favorite Game of Thrones inspired costumes.

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11. A lonely Jon Snow

This fan even made sure to add a little scarring to his impersonation, because we all know Ned Stark's bastard is a whole lot jaded, and not just that nick on his nose. Also, check out his sword!

10. One Khaleesi...

What's a mother of dragons without her dragons? This Khaleesi's babies are still in their have-yet-to-hatch phase, but we have a feeling a little fire might help speed things along.

9. Two Khaleesi...

Just like dragons, Khaleesis come in all shapes and sizes, and this hot momma proves that her dragons aren't the only things on fire!

8. Three Khaleesi...

Before Daenerys Targaryen doned her now-signature blue, she once dressed in thick leathers. We'll call this, vintage Khaleesi, also known as the time before our beloved Khal Drogo was taken from us. Er, we mean, her Khal Drogo. Yes, hers. Ahem.

7. ...Four.

Isn't she adorable? Just look at her dragon that she knows how to train!

6. Khal Drogo, hear me roar

Too many Khaleesis. Need more Drogos.

5. Snow [finally] meets Fire

Isn't it about time these two actually met up - and maybe fell in love and took over the entire seven kingdoms together? Clearly, they look super cute together.

4. Oh, hey! Another Khaleesi

This one is fierce. She must have recently given an order or freed some slaves or whatever.

3. Khal Drogo -- sans protein

True story, bro: this dude told us how when he went to get a picture with the real Drogo, the first thing Jason Momoa says to him is, "more protein!" (Now we know the Dothraki leader's secret: more protein).

2. Joffrey-are-we-still-calling-him-Baratheon

Complete with Joffrey's favorite toy: a crossbow.

1. It's Petyr-freaking-Baelish

This guy. This guy right here takes the GoT wedding cake. We understand dressing up as villains, but Littlefinger is rotten to the core. Is it a bad thing if we find a little rotten core kind of sexy? That stare, though - swoons.

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