Ten Things to Do On 4/20

With legalization looking like its on the horizon, 4/20 has taken on a whole new significance. Sure, you'll probably just get stoned and hang out with your friends like you do every year, but these days that's more socially acceptable than ever.

So in honor of this burnout holiday extraordinaire, here are 10 things to do that don't involve Easter egg hunts. Although, those could be way more fun when herbal refreshment is involved.

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10. Listen to tunes at Churchill's.

Miami's landmark punk venue is hosting a "Smoke 'Em If You Got 'Em" show in honor of 4/20. Hear Vivid Illusion, Divided Heaven, By Default, Bullethorn, Apocalyptic Assault, Kief Demon and Pariah, among others, and get your smoke on in the parking lot.

9. Chow down at Eating House's annual 4/20 dinner.

For $42 per person (plus $4.20 drink specials), you'll get Mac 'n' cheese "croquetas" with bacon-onion marmalade; duck wings with "special grilled" sauce, pickled carrot, and celery; Hawaiian pizza with charred pineapple and Miami Smokers' guanciale and plenty of other stuff to satisfy those monster munchies.

8. Bake some brownies.

With a not-so-secret ingredient, duh.

7. Eat "pot-zza" bites at Social Cena dinner.

The theme (in addition to the munchies) is "Ain't Easy Being Cheesy" which is pretty much perfect. You'll get to grub on Mac 'n' Cheetos, PB&J fried chicken and "Hot-Boxed" ice cream. Epic eats.

6. Hit up Jazid for their 4/20 celebration.

For $10, you can groove to the sounds of Ras Kokay, Rythmadix, DJ Idrin, Exit Sounds and Carlton Livingston.

5. Tell local pols you want legal weed.

Florida Dems are all about a constitutional amendment that would put medical marijuana on the state's ballot come November. So reach out and tell your elected officials you're into it. Granted, they might be a little too ... distracted to get anything done on Sunday -- so you might wanna hold that email till 4/21.

4. Spend some QT with Mother Nature.

Nothing's more natural than a little grass. So get stoned and kick back with the rad chick who makes the flowers grow - MN herself. Miami has dozens of parks that would serve your purpose, but we'd recommend Pine Tree Park, Enchanted Forest Elaine Gordon Park or, if you wanna get really fancy, Biscayne Bay National Park. You'll be oooohing and aaaaahing and blissing out big time.

3. Check out Four Twenty Fest at Tobacco Road.

Ganja-loving bands galore, voter registration options (see item #5) and a blunt-rolling contest. We can't think of a better place to be.

2. Do nothing.

Seriously, what better way to celebrate 4/20 than with hours and hours of aimlessly sitting on your ass? Every other day is all about being busy and productive -- jam-packed with work, errands, endless to-do lists. Today, laziness is a legit way to celebrate.

1. Consume a child's Easter candy.

C'mon, you know you won't be able to resist a month's worth of chocolate in your immediate vicinity. Whether it's your own kid, a nephew or some another child in close proximity, those Cadbury eggs will be calling your name. Wait till the kiddos go to bed, stuff yourself, then replace everything at Target's 50% off Easter candy clearance first thing Monday morning. Win win win.

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