Ten Sexy Stoner Chicks That Prove Ladies Like to Light Up Too

In honor of fun we decided to play a little game with Google Image. We decided to Google three distinct terms  "pot head", "stoner", and just to be as specific as possible, "marijuana enthusiast." All three images, although delightfully amusing in their own special ways, featured one undeniable trend -- they're all men.

Huh? Why is smoking bud more typically associated with with XY chromosome than the XX? Is it because smoking looks dirty or unlady-like? The truth is women like to hit the hippie lettuce just as much as stoner dudes. Feel free to call us 'Your Highness',

'Smokey the Babe', and 'Duchess of Dank'.

So in honor of 4/20 and hot, dime-bag divas everywhere who are

overshadowed by their male counter(culture) parts, we're highlighting 10 sexy stoner chicks.

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Elyse Wanshel
Contact: Elyse Wanshel