Ten Sexy Stoner Chicks That Prove Ladies Like to Light Up Too

In honor of fun we decided to play a little game with Google Image. We decided to Google three distinct terms  "pot head", "stoner", and just to be as specific as possible, "marijuana enthusiast." All three images, although delightfully amusing in their own special ways, featured one undeniable trend -- they're all men.

Huh? Why is smoking bud more typically associated with with XY chromosome than the XX? Is it because smoking looks dirty or unlady-like? The truth is women like to hit the hippie lettuce just as much as stoner dudes. Feel free to call us 'Your Highness',

'Smokey the Babe', and 'Duchess of Dank'.

So in honor of 4/20 and hot, dime-bag divas everywhere who are

overshadowed by their male counter(culture) parts, we're highlighting 10 sexy stoner chicks.

First, the results from our Google Image experiment:

Exhibit A: First image to pop up for the term 'a pothead'

Exhibit B: 'a stoner'

Exhibit C: 'a marijuana enthusiast'

Now for the hot chicks who like to smoke blunts:

1. Charlize Theron

All girlfriend had to do was smoke weed from an apple and just like that we were in love -- like finding that special dealer who not only makes deliveries but always hooks you up with an extra few grams. And Charlize didn't have to do any of that. All she had to do was get high on fruit and we were hooked. Pretty blonds have it so easy.

2. Bethany Cosentino from Best Coast

Armed with an obsession with laid back California culture and her cat you really don't need to read Best Coast lyrics like "you take all my money/ you take all my weed" and "And nothing makes me happy/ not even TV or a bunch of weed" to figure out this girl probably wakes and bakes. We even found video proof.

3. Melanie Ralston (Bridget Fonda) from Jackie Brown

Smoking at 2 a.m.? We're assuming this blitzed beach bunny probably doesn't wake up until 1:58ish, we're gong to deem her a hardcore wake-and-baker.

4. Kristen Stewart

C'mon! Stewart was born with a face that screams "Queen of Cottonmouth." You don't even need to see pictures like this, this, and this of Stewart holding court to figure out how kind she is to her bud.

5. Megan Fox

In 2009 Fox told British GQ "I hope they legalize [marijuana] and when they do I'll be the first fucking person in line to buy my pack of joints." And here's hoping she was under the influence when she blurted these out to Entertainment Weekly in June 2009:

"I think that I'm so psychotic and so mentally ill that if I could tap into that I could do something really interesting."

"I come across as confident and [women] assume that means that I think

I'm hot shit. And that makes them feel bad about themselves and so they

hate me."

6. Michelle Burroughs (Mila Jovovitch) from Dazed and Confused

Really Michelle's only purpose in this movie was to be pretty, smoke weed, and play a song that sparks a conversation amongst other characters. We're just wondering if Jovovitch practiced method acting for this role.

7. Cameron Diaz

Besides playing a lady-lusting pot smoking nerd in Being John Malkovich, Diaz has admitted to hitting the green back in her teens and has been photographed smoking ganga on the beach with friend Drew Barrymore.

8. Liz Phair

Maybe not today, but when Phair was writing lyrics about being a blow job queen back at Matador Records, she was definitely sucking the bong. She told Spin at a Matador reunion recently:

"Watching everyone here, it's just incredible how cohesive we all seem as a body of work. Nobody looks like a classic performer who grew up wanting to be the center of attention -- they're all kids who felt smarter, like they could do something better, but it took real courage for them to actually get up and do it. I was so stoned back in those days -- my dorkiness was suppressed by a whole lot of angry cool. But as I stopped smoking as much pot and got my shit together, I got more bubbly and goofy, and I think that's when [Matador] were probably like, 'Let Capitol have her.' "

9. Sarah Silverman

If you've watched 15 seconds of anything Silverman has ever produced (including poo), you know she thinks highly (pun intended) of pot. She smoked with Doug Benson in his movie Super High Me and if you need any further proof, the clip above is of her...smoking weed.

10. Jennifer Aniston:

Apparently Jen likes to smoke pot topless on balconies. which is all well and good, but the knowledge that squeaky-clean, eternal cat-lady Aniston smokes makes it feel slightly less appealing. Uncool, Aniston, uncool!

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