Ten Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim Shows We're Excited to See

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim (MBFWS) is upon us later this week. Translation: You'll be seeing a lot of beautiful models bearing skin on South Beach (and the people who love them). Most locals won't be able to get anywhere near the runways -- sorry, guys! -- but we'll have non-stop coverage of everything MBFWS: The who's who of celebrities at the shows, the collections that hit high marks (and those who missed big time), and even behind-the-scenes talks with the designers.

We ranked the 10 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim shows we're most excited to see after the jump.

10. Poko Pano
Poko Pano loves to be playful yet sophisticated with its of use prints on the runway. Last year's swim collection danced on the line between flirty girly girl (heart prints, pineapples) and subtly sexy (the cut of the suits, as seen above).
Friday, July 20, at 7 p.m.

9. Aqua Di Lara
Aqua Di Lara's collection always toys with classic lines (like the retro goddess, above) and interesting cut-outs. The designer toyed with unexpected fabrics (fishnet) and interesting prints (zig-zag) last year, so we're excited to see what creative director Reyhan Sofraci has up her sleeve this season.
Saturday, July 21, 7 p.m.

8. Caffe Swimwear
Caffe Swimwear's collection plays with bright colors, plenty of prints, and accessories you'll want to take right off the runway. It always mixes bright and bold with everyday basics and a touch of flair (think: metal hardware detailing, as seen above).
Saturday, July 21, 6 p.m.

7. L*Space by Monica Wise
L*Space by Monica Wise is a sucker for details: Last year's collection boasted sand-covered models' bottoms and a passport-themed collection, covering pretty much every continent. Also on deck: An intermission with the above dancers shakin' their stuff. The fun-factor alone makes this show worth a look-see.
Sunday, July 22, 7 p.m.

6. Red Carter
Local brand made good Red Carter has a flair for the dramatic. Exhibit A: Last year's collection, which toyed with space age sex appeal and swimwear that -- though we couldn't wear for tanning -- we could definitely rock to show off some killer curves.
Sunday, July 22, 5 p.m.

5. Cia Maritima
Cia Maritima always has some of the curviest models on the runway (see above). But they're also great with mixing prints flawlessly and in unexpected pattern combinations.
Saturday, July 21, 10 p.m.

4. Mara Hoffman
Some consider Mara Hoffman a one-trick pony with her bohemian-meets-hipster vibe and trademark teal prints. But we disagree, because every year her pieces (and styling) turns heads. Particularly impressive (and unexpected): Her separates for daywear (see above).
Saturday, July 21, 8 p.m.

3. Wildfox
Wildfox is a hipster's daydream. They play with cheeky prints (see cat suit, above) and vintage themes, unlike most designers out there. Last year DJ Mia Moretti was joined onstage by violinist Caitlin Moe, so we're excited to see what this year's collection will bring.
Monday, July 23, 6 p.m.

2. Agua Bendita
Bar Refaeli (think: Leo DiCaprio's on-again off-again girlfriend) models for the brand constantly, so it would be safe to assume she'll be walking the catwalk. But that's not their only draw: Their frilly details and pretty prints often draw an "Aww that's so cute" reaction.
Friday, July 20, 6 p.m.

1. Dolores Cortes
So let's be honest: You probably can't rock the above one-piece swim fabric suit to the beach. That's the case with most of Dolores Cortes's creations (hello, bad tan lines!), but the sheer wow factor of her collections makes her pieces wearable works of art -- and stunning to see gracing the runway.
Friday, July 20, 8 p.m.

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