Ten Last-Minute Costumes for Halloween Night 2013

You might've gotten your costume party on this weekend, but let's not forget Halloween is still a couple of days away. For those of you who missed out on last weekend's debauchery, are total procrastinators, or maybe just don't want to be seen on Facebook in the same getup twice, this list of quick and topical costumes is just the thing to give you one last night of character-driven fun. Some entries are obscure, others require little more than a trip to Michael's and some acting, but all are doable in the next day and a half or so.

(Also, possible spoilers ahead. Because topical TV shows and all that.)

Leave the elaborate cosplay for the convention circuit. These outfits are for the short on time and cash.

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10. Lydia (Breaking Bad)

Let's face it. We still haven't gotten over our dearly departed Sunday-night meth drama. At the same time, everyone and their mother will be running around in yellow hazmat suits and porkpie hats. Yawn. What's a Breaking Bad fan to do? Go as the ever-neurotic and underrated Lydia. Just find a coordinating suit jacket and skirt, slap on a pair of giant glasses, and hold a cup of tea in paranoid terror.

Bonus [SPOILERS]: Up the ante by finding the Walter White at the party and have him put Stevia in your tea. End up on the couch, not feeling so well.

9. Grumpy Cat

Grumpy Cat's real name is Tardar Sauce, and she's apparently way sweeter than her countenance would suggest. No one else needs to know that. A perfect costume for the fan of internet memes or the antisocial, Grumpy Cat simply needs some makeup to create her trademark moody face patches, a pair of ears, and a perma-frown.

8. Trevor (Grand Theft Auto V)

While everyone gets their tandem Mario and Luigi on, you can get rated M for Mature as a character from the hottest game of the year, Grand Theft Auto V. Trevor is a great quick costume because it requires nothing more than a cheap v-neck, a few days' worth of stubble and dirt, and being completely unhinged. It pretty much gives you license to get as buck wild as possible -- and it'll all be in the name of method acting.

7. Vine

In honor of the popular app, this outfit takes little more than a trip to Michael's or JoAnn's for a string of fake ivy. Wrap it all around whatever your outfit of choice is, then walk up to people and enact your conversation in 6-second loops.

Bonus: Add a loop of "Don't Drop That Thun Thun" played from your phone on approach.

6. Miami Heat Bandwagon

All you need is your Heat gear (you obviously have some, right?) and a literal wagon. Fill it with some pots and pans, and ask people to come aboard! Depending on how we do tonight against the Bulls and Wednesday against Philly, and knowing the reputation of the fans, you can have people either join you or abandon ship just two games into the regular season.

5. Dolphins Bandwagon

A variation of the above, only with orange and...off-teal. It's made even more topical due to the Dolphins playing Thursday Night Football against the Bengals on Halloween night, so you can have people jumping on and off the bandwagon as the night progresses.

4. Red Wedding Guest (Game of Thrones)

Before Miley graced the screen with her majesty in August, there was another shocking television moment that had people buzzing for weeks: the Red Wedding on Game of Thrones. Save the named characters and painstaking attention to detail for the next local cosplay convention. Just find a cheap medieval outfit and do yourself up gruesome corpse style to be one of the 3500 souls lost during that bloody wedding reception.

Bonus: Learn "The Rains of Castamere" on any instrument (or play it on your phone), and see which partygoers' blood runs cold with dread.

3. Candy Crush Addict

Admitting you have a problem is the first step towards recovery. The second step is milking your Candy Crush addiction into an interactive costume. Find the nearest candy dish, spill it on the floor, and frantically start making patterns and clearing rows. Don't be surprised if others join you or start reaching for their phones in some sort of Pavlovian response.

2. Hipster [insert character here]

For many of you, this might require just a quick stumble to your closet. Take any classic character in popular culture (Disney princesses and princes, characters from Harry Potter, superheroes all come to mind), pop on some thick black frames, and coordinate a hipsteresque outfit that features the characters' signature colors and items. Include a sign making a play on the stereotypical hipster love of everything obscure:

For Harry Potter, for example, draw the trademark scar on your forehead and feature a burgundy scarf alongside skinny jeans. Your sign: "My patronus? You've probably never heard of it."

For Ariel of Little Mermaid fame, pair a purple plaid top with some green skinnies. Add in that errant Flounder plushie you still have laying around your bedroom for effect. Your sign options are endless: "Tails were too mainstream." Or perhaps, "Pitchfork? I prefer Trident."


Seriously. Anything at all. You can even put a sign on yourself that says "Not Miley Cyrus," and enter triumphantly into a grateful party.

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