Ten Incredible Finds in the FIU Wolfsonian Digital Archives

Hey there, history buffs. Looking to take a break from the

nonstop wedgies and tormenting by your peers? Today's your lucky day.


Wolfsonian archive has recently been digitized, putting thousands and thousands of

artifacts at your fingertips. No, really -- there are over 16,000 objects catalogued in the archive, each with at least one photo. Browsing the Wolf's collection in person is the best way to see this stuff, of course. But as far as bored-at-work pastimes go, clicking through these archives totally trumps Facebook stalking or Perez Hilton.

Case in point: these ten fun, freaky finds. We've looked through the archive, and after our

arduous research (read: tying lewd phrases in the search box) are bringing you a tiny

sliver of some of the great finds to explore.

Why settle for a vase when you can get the creepiest

vase that has ever existed? Who is this mole-afflicted man? Why is he near the capitol

building? We can't say. But there's one thing we know for sure: It's gotta be fun to put

stuff in the vase. Look at it, he's just so happy to receive what you're


The Wolfsonian's design aesthetic is part of what's made them this year's Best Museum in Miami. So why not use the archive for some remodeling inspiration?

Like this rug. Look how yellow it is. And circular. You could add a black dot and then cut out a sliver. Boom. Pac-man

rug. Enjoy being single for the rest of your life!

The Wolf also has a large selection of public service and propaganda posters; one of its current exhibits centers on AIDS awareness campaigns around the world. This poster, on the other hand, is from a simpler time. Presumably

it's encouraging WWII-era moms to evacuate their kids when the time comes. But you know, you can just forward it over to your mother too. And keep

forwarding it. Until she GETS. THE. POINT.

There are many of these "See Montana" posters in

the archive. For some reason, back in the day, the United States Travel Bureau was desperate to

drum up some tourism for the state. You don't see this nowadays. Today's

Montana posters probably would have a slogan like "Montana: We have fewer gun

militias than you would expect!"

You know your bacon obsessed friend? We bet they would

get a real kick out of this poster. Send it to them! Then send them a gun.

Maybe they will take the hint and stop posting every last bacon byproduct on

your Facebook. It's a "sometimes food," people.

This poster proves that light bulbs have been politicized for decades. And man, do we long for a time when anything as useful as a light bulb cost just $0.15. These days, America probably has to put Wyoming

on layaway to China every time GE makes a new light. It's the American Way!

This is so much more effective than the "Click It

or Ticket" campaign. Want to drive recklessly? Good luck becoming a skeleton

that has to find its name on a giant list of dead guys. You know how hard it is to read

as a skeleton? You don't have eyes.

An Eva Peron campaign poster. Sweet. We spaced out during history class, but from what

we understand, this was one of the lesser Andrew Lloyd Webber productions, probably

somewhere between Starline Express and the Phantom sequel. Still, she looks a lot more wholesome than Madonna.

Hey, take a boat from Cuba to Mexico! Or from Mexico to

Cuba! Don't be picky. The archive has tons of artifacts about Cuba, if you're into that sort of thing. And you're from Miami, so we're just going to assume you are.

Are you a convention delegate? Stop by the

Biltmore. It's like someone knew that it'd eventually be a filming location for

Bad Boys and become a Historic Landmark!

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