Ten Hotties (and Hot Messes) at the 2012 Model Beach Volleyball Tournament

Check out more photos from the Model Beach Volleyball Tournament in our slide show.

When you heard the Model Beach Volleyball Tournament was returning to South Beach last weekend, you probably had one of two reactions:

1. Oh my God, I need to be there to look at all the hot bodies!
2. Oh my God, I need to stay the hell away from there to avoid comparing myself to all the hot bodies!

We're here to report that the horny beachgoers were the winners this weekend. Sure, those hot bodies did some good, raising money for Models 4 Water, an organization that brings sustainable water to Burkina Faso, Africa. But any loss of self-esteem you might have felt looking at the sexy,

near-naked, charitable bodies was nicely balanced by the drunken, over-the-top

antics of the personalities inside them.

From pretty people to beautiful disasters, check out our top ten favorites:

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Stacey Russell
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