Ten Crazy Outfits Spotted at Ultra (PHOTOS)

Ultra is a post-apocalyptic

world where a bottle of water costs more than a gallon of gas, grass is scarce,

and everyone is fenced inside a city. Not only are there no responsibilities, there's no judgment, which means you can dress however the freak you want.

When you are under the influence of music, holding hands with

your best friend, and dancing your heels off, everything is permitted. The

only valid argument for your cartoon appearance is that it's simply fun.

At this past weekend's Ultra Music Fest at Bicentennial Park, we spotted plenty of neon, body painting, yarn dreads, tutus, platforms, happy faces, and fairy wings. Here are ten creative outfits we caught a glimpse of at this year's Ultra.


Photography by Pamela Wasabi

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Pamela Wasabi
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