Ten Borscht Film Festival Short Films You Can Watch Right Now

We noticed yesterday that Play Dead, a Borscht Film Festival selection last year, had been posted on Vimeo in its entirety for all the world to enjoy. And it's made quite a splash, getting featured on the Vimeo homepage this morning. Not surprising, we thought, since the short film features two of the Internet's favorite things -- zombies and adorable puppy dogs.

Still, it got us wondering: As news trickles in about the next Borscht fest (including Adan Jodorowsky's Miami horror project), are any of its other past masterpieces available online?

Of course they are. Click through to host a tiny Borscht Film Festival on your computer screen right this second.

Play Dead
Puppies! Zombies! Fur! Braaains! It's only a matter of time before Play Dead reaches full-fledged meme status.

Werner Herzog Defends Dade

Lindsay Scoggins' mash-ups of straitlaced white dudes and rap songs about South Florida are unparalleled. Tell us more about the Miami streets, Herzog.

Oyster Vision
Coral Morphologic's freaky-pretty visions of science are somehow both the strangest and most normal videos in this list. Oyster Vision puts us in mind of a circus big top -- but underwater, and without the sad elephants.

Space Miami
Joey Daoud's paen to a long-neglected rocket manufacturing and testing site in the Everglades shows the beautiful side of the project's decay.

Director Nick Corirossi takes everything you hate about television and pairs it with some seriously macabre content for a short film that's half hilarious, half genuinely disturbing. Cue the laugh track!

You'll have to watch Xemoland, Daniel Cardenas' short animated film, at Borscht's own site. But it's worth the click.

I Am Your Grandma
You've seen it before. Be be honest -- you're going to watch it again.

Hosted at WorldStarHipHop, Hitchustlin' is another Lindsay Scoggins-produced "white dudes rapping" classic, this one featuring Alfred Hitchcock. Eat your heart out, HBO.

Man O War

Another freaky Coral Morphologic number. It's like if the alien in Alien was also a drag queen.

Peter Glanz's Velvet, which you can watch at the Borscht site, is the story of Conrad, Beatrice, and "the crushed velvet jacket that comes between them." Who among us hasn't lived that story?

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