Ten Best Things to Do This Weekend

In Sam Lipsyte's third novel The Ask, a dark look at white-collar loserdom, a character explains his bad behavior with "...because my name is Florida. When I do something shitty, something swampy and wrong, I call that going to my Everglades."

When's the last time you went to your Everglades and got all sweaty and risked getting it wrong? Dip your toe in the swamp of your own bad behavior with the following ten events this weekend. Heck, there's even a concert that invites you to get sleazy with Ke$sha and Spank Rock.


  • What a Mission: Ever since we spied their DIY sock puppets commemorating

    the debut of the Miami season of Jersey Shore, we've been fans of The

    Heat Lightning. Tonight, the local blog celebrates their 12 months in

    blog-dom with an art/music/video game/cartoon/cupcake party at the end.

  • The State Of: This dark indie pop duo will play Bardot tonight. Expect

    their original Massive Attack-inspired fare as well as a host of covers

    like Madonna's "Like a Prayer" and Portishead's "Roads."

  • Beats After Sunset: Every month, Bass Museum hosts a happy hour and

    tonight, Beats After Sunset celebrates the new exhibit "Vanishing

    Points," curated by Gean Moreno of [NAME] Publications.

  • Suds: Broward's Stage Door Theater company begins its residency at Miami

    Beach's Bryon Carlyle Theater with a camp musical, Suds, set in a



  • Ted Henken: Cuba's subversive blogger, Yoani Sanchez, will be telecasted into

    Books & Books to join friend Ted Henken in a discussion of her book,

    Havana Real: One Woman Fights to Tell the Truth About Cuba Today. Look out

    for our recap of the event.

  • ConFUNKtion 3.0.5.: Telekinetic Walrus and Moksha Family team up for an evening of musical and visual experimentation.


  • The Go-Gos: Overshoot the '90s revival, with a throwback concert with these '80s queens of pop-rock. They still got the beat.

  • Legends Alumni Classic: More than 60 former Hurricane and Seminole greats will play a flag football game for charity.

  • Get Sleazy Tour: Bayfront Park will be jammed up with Ke$ha, Spank Rock, and LMFAO for the Get Sleazy Tour.

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