Ten Best Things to Do This Weekend

TGIF, right? Meh. The freaking rush of an upcoming weekend of leisure seems a little anticlimactic when reduced to a four-letter acronym. So allow us to break down the situation for you: we all spend about 60% our lives either working or asleep. From the remaining 40%, about half of that is spent in front of Project Runway marathons.

So it the end, we have only about 20% left in which meets lovers, make memories, and do all that meaty stuff that actually amounts to a life lived. So make haste this weekend. Get thee to the Miami streets in search of the following ten things to do. One of them involves Hunx and His Punx, the only girl group fronted by a gay man.  


  • Manu Chao performs his first Miami concert ever tonight at the Klipsch Amphitheater. Considering that he sings in seven-plus languages and his sound is Latin punk, it's odd that the singing politico has never played here before.
  • If You're Going to Pull a Knife: In the gloomy, absurdist play by Carlos Caballero and Elizabeth Doud, a petroleum worker and a Disney World character actress fall in love in a ruined, polluted ocean. Directed by the founder of the Cuban avant-garde theater company Teatro El Público, it runs for four nights at the Miami-Dade Auditorium.
  • 'Night Mother: The Alliance Theater presents this heavy play about a daughter's suicidal thoughts as conveyed to her mother at Barry University's Pelican Theatre. Look out for our review tomorrow.
  • Hunx and His Punx: Their label, Hardly Art, describes them as "first ever 'girl group' fronted by a flamboyant gay male whose dream in life is to sound like a girl." After touring with the likes of Girls and Jay Reatard (RIP), Hunx and His Punx stop at The Stage as part of their East Coast tour.


  • Granta: Tens Years Later Panel: It used to be that emerging writers could only be launched by the New Yorker or the Paris Review. Now there's quarterlies like the UK's Granta, which has been revealing new talent like Jonathan Frazen and Lorrie Moore. This Saturday, the quarterly has organized a discussion about how far we've come since 9/11 -- politically and aesthetically -- by local writers Diana Abu-Jaber, Cristina Garcia, and Edwidge Danticat.
  • Second Saturday Art Walk: There are about a billion more shows that have opened to waltz us in to high season in Miami. Check our guide for our recommendations. Cross your fingers it doesn't rain.
  • Willy Chirino: Grammy-winning Willy Chirino adds horns and his own Cuban spin to the Fab Four at the Arsht Center, where he presents My Beatles Heart.

  • Psychic Mirrors: Based on this video, we'd venture to describe this local band's sound as tropical, dancey Motown. Are we right? Find out Saturday when they play Bardot.
  • Fetish Apocalypse: If you're going to venture to Broward, it might as well be for something as grand as a Fetish Apocalypse.


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