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Ten Best Cosplayers at Universal Orlando's A Celebration of Harry Potter 2015

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Fans from all over gathered last weekend at Universal Studios Orlando's A Celebration of Harry Potter. The annual event provided the opportunity for Harry Potter devotees to mingle with fellow aficionados and actors from the movies, and was nothing short of magical.

It was like a scene straight out of the movies with hundreds of people dressed in either a yellow, green, blue, or burgundy-lined black cloak. If you didn't know any better, you would have thought it was a Hogwarts field trip to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Some simply had a robe over their usual Muggle attire, while others fashioned the entire school uniform, but it was fans who got a creative with their outfits who really stood out. Buying a robe is easy, but these cosplayers really conjured up some awesome fabric-weaving magic.

Here are the best cosplayers at Universal Orlando's A Celebration of Harry Potter.

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Honorable Mention: The Human Time Turner

This guy was looking all sorts of fabulous in his elevator black shoes, all black everything, and quite possibly the coolest neck chain: a giant hourglass. He was, in essence, Hogwarts' version of Flavor Flav. We're not sure if Dumbledore or Hermione would have approved of the magical object being used as bling, but we certainly do.

10. Ordinary Ministry of Magic Employee

Rather than try and emulate an existing character in the franchise, this dapper gentleman decided to blend in as a fellow ordinary wizard. Judging by the hat and elegant robes, it seems as if he's the kind of Ministry employee who sits on a fancy council -- just look at all those galleons around his neck! And he's even repping a Ministry of Magic pin to make his outfit that much more official.

9. Hermione Granger and Rowena Ravenclaw

We love all the girl power on display. In a perfect world, Hermione Granger and Rowena Ravenclaw would totally be BFFs. One fabulous lady is the smartest witch of her generation, and the other is one of the founders of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. This photo should make Bey rethink her lyrics: "Who run the world? Girl witches."

8. Cornelius Fudge and Dolores Umbridge

As Dumbledore once said, not all witches and wizards are good, and aside from Voldy, we all loved to hate Dolores Umbridge and that whack Cornelius Fudge. The two were quite a pair in the series, with their insane attempts at trying to conceal the truth about You-Know-Who's return, and here they were strolling around the theme parks together. One cosplayer has got the bowler hat look perfected and his partner-in-crime is sporting an adorable kitty plush as a pin.

7. Ravenclaw Quidditch Player

One doesn't see too many Quidditch players out and about, but this player stepped out with her very own Harry Potter last weekend. She's got her broom and goggles ready, though it looks like she doesn't need them since she has already caught the golden snitch. One hundred and fifty points for Ravenclaw! We love how the two are able to put their house rivalries and their competitiveness aside and celebrate together.

6. These Witches Who Are Down With Snape

Since we can't say for sure if these witches are good or evil, we can point out that there is a lot of green in this photo and they seem to be friendly with Professor Snape. Maybe the witches were in Slytherin during their years at Hogwarts and they haven't seen Severus in ages and were catching up on the good old days. Yeah, that sounds plausible, we'll go with that.

5. The Death Eaters Clan

There is so much evil in this photo that we can't even.

4. Beauxbatons Academy of Magic Students

If there's one thing the ladies of Beauxbatons Academy are known for, it's their beauty. These two cosplayers surely fit the description dressed in their airy, sky-blue uniforms.

3. Professor Trelawney

Emma Thompson would have been proud of this Trelawney cosplayer. We had to do a double take to make sure it wasn't the British actress herself walking about in full costume. The glasses, the wild hair, and the headpiece really bring the whole vibe together.

2. Nearly Headless Nick and Fellow Hogwarts Ghost Woman

"Nearly headless, how can you be nearly headless?" Hermione once asked the Gryffindor house ghost. In the films, Nearly Headless Nick -- or Sir Nicholas, as he prefers -- was a transparent floating orb, so it would be pretty challenging to try and translate that character into the real world. But this couple has gone done it. The wig, the collar, the silver tones, even the mustache is perfection!

1. The Lovegood Family

OMFG this little girl has the best parents in the world! Together this Muggle family brought to life the most whimsical wizarding family of all: the Lovegoods. Luna, along with her mom and dad, Pandora and Xenophilius Lovegood, were even carrying around copies of The Quibbler. This family was so precious that Evanna Lynch herself took a picture with them and posted it to her Instagram feed.

Harry Potter fans are truly the best type of fans.

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