TattooLaPaLooza This Weekend: Human Meat Hooks and Zombie Dames (Photos)

This weekend, the Hyatt Regency will be filled with people who penetrate others for money. We're talking needles here, and no it's not a methadone convention. It's TattooLaPaLooza, the third annual tats expo where those that ink and those who love to get inked congregate to bleed and show off calf tats of Jesus.

So bring your pictures of Ben Bernanke or Ned Stark or whoever's portrait you want etched on your upper thigh. Some of the country's best ink heads will be pushing needle into flesh in the name of art this weekend. To those who faint or upchuck at the sight of crimson blood, beware. Last year, TattooLaPaLooza featured folks strapped up like meat on hooks at the butcher. As supple skin is no match for gravity, things got a little gross. Pictures after the jump.

TattooLaPaLooza opens tomorrow at 4 p.m. and ends Sunday at 8 p.m. at

the Hyatt Regency (400 SE Second Ave., Miami). Tickets cost $15 in

advance and $25 at the door. Visit TattooLaPaLooza.com and their Facebook


Here are photos from 2010 TattooLaPaLooza. Check back Monday for a slideshow from this weekend.

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