Tattoo Manor Combines Allure of Miami Ink with Real World

The Real World Miami was one of the Magic City's all time most popular reality shows. And right up there with it was Miami Ink, which exposed much of the mainstream to what goes on in a tattoo shop. So the prospect of combining both those shows into one has to be a can't miss for reality television fans. Right? We'll see.

Tattoo Manor is reality show project seeking funding on Kickstarter to shoot a full length pilot to pitch to studios. An 11-minute video has already been shot giving a preview of what the show would entail. Basically, a bunch of tattoo artist are thrown together in a Miami mansion where they work on who are supposed to be high-end artists. We dig some aspects of the project, although we have to admit we kept waiting for code enforcement to storm the house and cite them for operating a business in a residential area. Make the jump to watch the video and more.

The video follows four tattoo artists and some of their clients: Roman

Abrego from Los Angeles, who has a Mohawk and head tattoos and a freak of a

best friend called Cholo whose face is covered in tats and piercings;

Dee Dee from Orlando who is filling the poor woman's Kat Von Dee role;

Jessie Smith, a tattoo artist/graffiti artist who is shown working on

some Design District graffiti; and Mickey "the Boss," who we don't

know much about except that he appears to be the ringleader.

Not sure where the "mansion" is located, but it has the requisite

reality show pool table, bar, pool, and palm trees. According to its kickstarter page, the mansion concept was created because the high end

clients featured on the show value privacy and eschew tattoo shops or

parlors. It is unclear whether the artists would be living in the mansion, but

otherwise we can't really see its purpose, other than showing cheesy

Miami glitz.

There some cool shots of last year's Art Basel and the Design District's

graffiti in the promo video. What we didn't see is a

lot of that reality television drama which seems integral to every other reality

show. Not sure if that's a good or bad thing.

The project comes from Chaotic Media Order, which doesn't yet have a

website going so we can't tell you much about them. The funding goal for

Tattoo Manor project is $50,000, of which they only have $941 so

far, from 20 backers. But they still have 83 days to go to reach their


Overall, the show has some promise and we dig the angle that producers are taking which says the show will earn the "respect of the tattoo industry." And we can't help rooting for any Miami project, so sign up and

pitch in to make this show happen. It can't be worse than Basketball

Wives (we really didn't just write that did we?).

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Sebastian del Mármol