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Tamara Sky Strips Down with Gators and Airboats for Playboy (PHOTOS)

You have to hand it to DJ Tamara Sky. After being subjected to undeserved vitriol for winning Best Club DJ in our Best of Miami issue, Sky took it all in stride. It's just not her style. Sure she gets aggravated when people (i.e., men) try to put down female DJs, but she just fiercely argues that women are just as skilled behind the decks as men.

No one actually disputed her ability to command the floor. So what was all the brouhaha about? Because she's risen to fame so quickly, her enemies say she's all looks and no substance. In reality, none of that is true. Looks help, but talent is what gets her booked all over the world again and again.

And we can't help but feel that Sky's second spread for Playboy is a big fuck you to her critics. In it, she channels James Bond, standing tall and strong, taking names, and kicking ass.

"I've never done anything with them, only the photo shoots," explains Sky about her experience after being named a Playboy Playmate in 2007. "I didn't dress up as the bunny or anything. There was no need for me to do it again."

Or so she thought. Local stylist Aban Sonia convinced her to return to her Playboy roots for a chance at a more editorial shoot. And with they help of photographer Jared Ryder, Sky can now be seen playing James Bond all over Miami in Playboy's "License to Thrill." (Link NSFW.)

"It was good to replace that old [Playboy] image of me -- that was never me," Sky says. "They told me I was going to race cars, motorcycles, and shoot guns."

But there is some bad news. It seems like every other Miami creative, Sky is leaving us for hopefully greener pastures.

"I'm moving to L.A. in three weeks. It's not necessarily permanent. I love Miami and I want to come back."

Sigh. At least we have these pictures to look at.

View the entire editorial, "License to Thrill," here. (Link NSFW.)

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