Synthetic Marijuana: A User's Guide

Perhaps Chris Rock said it best in the 1996 HBO special, Bring The Pain.

"People want to get high. You can get rid of all the

drugs in the world, people still going to get high," Rock said. "People will

just think of new ways to get high. Guys will go down in the basement and

become scientists like 'Yo check it out man, if you get a baby's bottle, right?

Fill it up with some gasoline and dead lima beans, then suck it. You'll be

fucked up!'"

Much to the dismay of law enforcement, drugs are still

everywhere, but nifty capitalists have once again found another way to get

high. Since around 2009, "herbal incense" packets have become popular and subsequently

began popping up in gas stations all over the country, offering a synthetic, and more importantly, legal analog to the popular, naturally occurring active ingredient in marijuana,

tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

Naturally, we had to investigate. You know, for journalism.

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Kareem Shaker
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