Swell Suits Ensures That Men Will Also Be Nearly Naked at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim

Calm down, muchachos. There'll be plenty of lovely lady humps pics posted for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim. This one is for men-loving ladies and dudes who like to wear short shorts.

Local events firm Swell Suits Miami is organizing the first all male swimwear group show during MBFWS. The men's swimsuits will have the same barely-there aesthetic devoted to most ladies swimwear. Hooray for equal opportunity nudity. But does the mention of swell make anyone else blush?

Swell Suits teamed up with designers Naila, Olasul, and parke & ronen to display the teeniest, tiniest trunks we've ever seen. New Times chatted with Swell Suit Miami producer, Marcelo Rivero, to talk about the men's fashion industry and the latest trends in men's swimwear. Hey, guys shouldn't be the only ones with drooling rights at fashion week.

New Times: What gave you the idea to highlight the men's fashion for Fashion Week Swim?
Marcelo Rivero: Our partner in this show is Ainsley Connell Management, a fashion events production company from New York with a focus in men's fashion. We thought it would be a good idea to create a platform for designers of men's swimwear by creating this group show and give them the attention they deserve within the fashion industry.
Do you highlight other aspects of men's fashion? Or is it strictly swimsuits for now?
For now is strictly swimwear, however we are thinking in participating of similar shows bringing the men's only group show concept, so far it's been a success even before the show, the media is being very supportive and everybody is excited to see what our designers have to show.
Why'd you choose Olasul, Naila, and Parke & Ronan for this year's Fashion Week Swim?
We chose to work with designers who had similar standards and price points, yet their own identities as designers.
How do your collaborations work?
As mentioned before we work in partnership with Ainsley Connell Management, Star Services does the sales, marketing, and public relations part, which includes bringing onboard select brands to participate as sponsors, accessorize models, etc. Ainsley Connell takes care of the production aspect including backstage, coordinate the show, looks, fittings, etc.
Do you do any of the designing, or do you just organize the events and choose the collaborations?
We put together the events and shows for our clients, the designers; it's a full package of services so that the designers only have to worry about creating and producing the collections, we take care of everything else.
Do you have any other shows planned besides Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Swim?

Not so far, that might change right after this show, for now we are focused on Swell Suits Miami.

Like most other Fashion Week Swim events, the Swell Suits show on July 16 is invite only. Luckily for you, we'll be there to keep an eye out for any swelling suits, if you catch our drift.

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Christine Borges