Super Mario Bros. the Movie: Best Thing Coming Out of SXSW? (Video)

We're hearing a lot of film news coming out of South by Southwest and it's not all about Jake Gyllenhaal peeing. And out of all the dispatches, the project we're most excited about is the new live action Super Mario Bros. movie. It's got everything: heart, grit, Luigi, the Princess, and trash-talking turtles.

Sure, a lot of it is rooted in nostalgia. Two notes of that theme song and we're back in the summer of 1985. We're wearing umbros and a hypercolor T-shirt. And we haven't left our playroom for hours, because there's always another power-up mushroom to gobble up on screen, always another koopa shell to slam into our foes. But we've grown up and eat significantly less magic mushrooms. Mario's grown up too, but some things never change. He must find the princess. Watch the trailer below:

Alright, so it was just a faux trailer AKA a bumper -- sort of a film festival amuse-bouche that's played before the actual screenings. Still, expand this sucker by 88 minutes, and you'd have film gold, right? Who's gonna start the "Make the Super Mario Bros. into a Full Length Movie" campaign on Facebook?

And if the above gets you salivating, then you might go mental for the touring Video Games Live concert coming to Broward at the end of this month. Orchestras and choirs will perform their renditions of the Super Mario Bros. and Legend of Zelda theme songs, among others, while your eyes feast on a light show and video syncs. Can you fathom a symphonic arcade game medley featuring Pong to Donkey King?

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.