Sunday's Best Art Basel Miami Beach 2011 Events

Goodbye, Nazi spaceships. Goodbye, freaky soundsuits. Goodbye, Andy Warhol, in all your many forms. It's the final day of Art Basel, and the peak of Miami's collective culture hangover. But you do know what cures a hangover, right? A little hair of the dog -- aka another dose of the substance that gave you that headache in the first place. So as Paris Hilton and the Zeta-Jones' clan clears out of town, reclaim the Magic City as your own at these events.

Overthrow's Hard 2 Leave Party: The Overthrow wants to make your transition from snooty, upper-class culture back to your normal, sleazy Miami lifestyle as smooth as possible. So they're closing down Basel with a party at Gold Rush, so you can get used to leering at real, live naked women instead of just leering at the ones in the paintings all over town. The party starts at 11pm.

Duran Blu's Pop-Up Performance: The funky duo of Gaby Duran and Lola Blu finish off the Steinway Pop-Up Piano Concert Series with a performance at Village Green Park, on a piano designed by Lorie Setton and Kazilla. The show starts at 12pm.

Gray at MBC: Last summer, Nicolas Taylor and Michael Holman teamed up for the first time in two decades to bring Gray, the band they started with Jean-Michel Basquiat, to the stage at the New Museum in New York. Catch film of the performance, which includes samples of the late Basquiat's voice, at the Miami Beach Cinematheque tonight at 7pm.

Get Lost: No, seriously. Miami is still dominated by Basel tourists for one more night, so you'll want to lose yourself at Electric Pickle's early-morning to late-night boozefest, designed to let you drink the art overload away, no matter how long it takes. The party started at 5:30am this morning, and continues until everybody in the place passes out.

Incubation: The Sunday after Basel is no time for an average Miami brunch. Instead, head to Jennifer Rubell's annual installation at the Rubell Family Collection where this year the artist is making yogurt and "anointing" it with honey before serving it to attendees. The installation runs from 9am to noon this morning.

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