Summer Sucks, Stay Indoors: Xbox 360 and Other Tips for Surviving the Apocalypse

You know those post-apocalyptic RPGs where some kind of catastrophic event transforms the world into a toxic cesspool where the air is poison and the panicked masses are forced to build underground compounds just to survive? That pretty much describes summertime Miami. The insufferable July fire that reigns down upon our city sends us all indoors, seeking refuge in our air-conditioned bastions of comfort. Now, while we cower from the sun, why not get some gaming done? Here are a few ways to survive Miami's annual meltdown.

Home: Obviously, the easiest way to bask in the soothing hum of your air-conditioner is to get your own console and game at home. Both the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 have recently seen price breaks and the library of games offered on both consoles is vast. As for the Wii ... Skip it entirely, that console is for your girlfriend, your nephew, and old people who need exercise.

Gaming Centers: Sadly, there are no real arcades left in South Florida. Those gaming glory holes of the 80's are a dying breed. Luckily, though, we've got a 21st century version -- the gaming center -- and it's just as good and probably cheaper. Places like Noobie's on Miami Beach and Scorpico in South Miami allow you to pay by the hour to play a huge selection of games on any console or PC. Beware: These places are populated by mildly autistic teens who, given the opportunity, will lecture you for hours about their dork obsession of choice.

Dave & Busters: This place isn't really for gaming, it's mostly designed to provide you with a place to eat, drink, and seduce that co-worker you want to bed, all without the stigma of a "date."

Infinite Bits: Held in October 2009 for the first time, Infinite Bits was Miami's first gaming convention. Bringing together every subspecies of geek, the convention boasted tournaments, classic and cult games, and a video game museum. Even if you aren't into games this place is a people-watching mecca, bursting with Japanese Lolita girls and costumed Pokémon nerds.

-- Bryan Barcena

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