Sucking Head

Suck the head; eat the tail. That’s a phrase that will be heard at Tobacco Road — we mean more than usual, of course — during Sunday’s 11th annual Crawfish Boil. There are plenty of ways to gorge on crawfish — AKA crayfish, crawdads, mudbugs, or whatever you call those smallish lobsters or overgrown shrimp. But the best tactic involves getting intimate with either of the crustacean’s two extremities. Take our advice and leave the middle parts alone. Miami’s oldest bar pays homage to New Orleans by shipping in hundreds of pounds of live crawfish (always avoid those boiled when already dead) from Rosey Baby Crawfish and Cajun House in Fort Lauderdale. The crawfish boil is billed as Tobacco Road’s only official all-ages event, so bring along spouses and children. A kids’ area is available for regulars to ship off the little tykes and indulge in some bacchanalia; otherwise, what’s the point? Tobacco Road favorites Iko-Iko and Piano Bob’s Big Easy Mardi Gras Band will provide the soundtrack for the closest you’ll get to Bourbon Street and N’awlins without having to hear those silly Cajun accents. Admission is free. The boil and bands start at noon.
Sun., April 17, noon, 2011
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Sebastian del Mármol

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