Photo by Bill Cooke
Photo by Bill Cooke

Streak Runner Robert Kraft Publishes South Beach Murder Mystery

Obsessive Runner Guy Robert "Raven" Kraft is the Forrest Gump of Miami Beach. Since 1975, he has jogged over 100,000 miles -- eight of them per day -- on the shores of South Beach. He ran through 75 pairs of sneakers, seven presidents, and the end of the disco era. Plus, he has a kick-ass beard.

A couple weeks ago, Raven published a book called The Lifeguard Murders: A South Beach Story, which features characters based on his merry band of runners. "Of course we'd like to go on something like Opera," he says. "It's true fiction."

A Virginia native, he narrates the tale -- on an accompanying CD -- in the manor of a cowboy Casey Kasem. There are 24 country western songs on the disc that serve as "a sound track to the story," which we're betting is a first in the annals of South Florida literary weirdness.

He and a friend each spend $4,000 to self-publish the novel. It's now available at Books & Books for $25.

He'll do a reading at the Fairchild Tropical Botanic Gardens February 4.

In the winter, he starts his run at the Fifth Street Lifeguard Stand at 4 p.m. Bring your banjo.

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