Strange Being from Distant Planet (AKA Brooklyn) Has Been Observing Us

Sweat Records' blog brings news that a strange seven-foot-tall life form with a giant yellow ballon-shaped head going by the name of Bad Brilliance has been hanging around town, silently studying us. Surely the beautiful visitor has been observing our reckless use of neons and pastels, the strange orange hue that many of our skins take on, and our devotion to the sacred texts known as "guest lists." If Mr. Brilliance's arms could reach the top of his head, no doubt he'd be scratching it. 

The alien from a faraway, magical place known as "Brooklyn" will debut his findings this Saturday in a show titled "Bad Brilliance in Miami Featuring the Faces of the People He Met There" from 7 to 10 p.m. at the Bas Fisher Invitational (180 NE 39th St., Ste. 210, Miami). 

Brilliance, who sometimes takes on a human form known as Andrew Strasser, has also done cover art for smooth New Wave popster White Williams, and something known as "Girl Talk," (which I believe is a series of '80s young adult novels about junior high females who like to communicate verbally with one another).

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