Stoner Girl Diary's Biz and Mari Talk Feminism, Amendment 2, and Trump

Wynwood is undoubtedly the stoner capital of Miami. Don't even argue the point. If every neighborhood in the city were to walk into a gas station, Wynwood would be the one loading up on snacks and giggling to itself. Wynwood has a young and hip vibe, is populated with small businesses catering to its off-center crowds, and nearly all of its buildings are covered in vibrant, eye-catching, borderline-trippy art. And most important, Wynwood is home to the YouTube series Stoner Girl Diary.

Stoner Girl Diary is exactly what you think it is: a video diary starring two, well, stoner girls named Biz and Mari just kicking the shit and smoking weed. They have a few recurring bits, like the game Smoke, Marry, Fuck, which is just like Fuck, Marry Kill but, y'know, with weed. One minute the girls might be talking about how cool it is that Harriet Tubman will be featured on the $20 bill in 2020, and the next moment they might be talking about how they prefer to have sex with men who have smaller penises because BD (big-dicked) men are way cockier.

Get it? Cockier? Really, what is Spike TV even doing with its life if it doesn't pick up this show?

Biz is a self-described marijuana advocate, writer, and film producer born in Amsterdam, and Mari is a graphic designer who says she gravitated toward marijuana to help calm herself and ease her insomnia. The pair has been filming from a production studio in Wynwood since September 2015, picking up steam as the seasons progressed. As Stoner Girl Diary's viewership has grown, its opening credits and set have improved, but don't get it twisted — it's still just two girls sitting on a couch smoking Kush, laughing, and eating pizza.

The girls tell New Times part of the reason they decided to begin filming was to break stoner stereotypes, but really, the show grew organically.

"The show actually blossomed from a weed blog we had created in 2012," Biz says. "We loved posting pictures of girly bongs with glitter and unicorns, lots of pink, purples, and shiny things! We quickly realized that a lot of girls loved this stuff just as much as we did! In a single night, we gathered over 5,000 followers, and that's when we realized we had really tapped into a market which had not yet been explored.

"In order to keep up with the demand of our followers, we desperately searched for images online that accurately depicted the lifestyle of the female cannabis enthusiasts we were trying to reach. But the more we would Google 'girls and marijuana,' the more we realized how overly sexualized everything in this genre was. This realization is really what determined and set the tone for our brand."

Florida recently became the 26th state to legalize medical marijuana, receiving 71 percent of the vote. The bill was so popular this time around that it won every single county on the ballot. Unsurprisingly, Stoner Girl Diary is wholeheartedly in favor of Amendment 2.

Biz tells New Times she believes it will be good for the economy.

"I think medical marijuana is a very important and necessary first step for the overall reform of marijuana. I am excited for this new era we are living in where cannabis culture is developing into a real market for investment," Biz says.

Mari? Her sights are set on getting her hands on a medical marijuana card.

"If it isn't obvious yet, we are definitely pro-marijuana! Gone are the days where we had to contact a dealer in order to enjoy the benefits of marijuana. I will most definitely be getting my medical marijuana card to use cannabis medicinally as I have done so for years and enjoy the benefits of cannabis," Mari says.

While we were talking about things on last week's ballot, I had to ask the girls what they thought about President-elect Donald Trump. I might have killed their buzz.

"The show does not have a stance on Trump per se; however, we do believe that no matter who is president, we will always have a responsibility towards Mother Earth and all of her inhabitants. We must always do our best to strive for unity and love and respect one another," the girls say.

As the Stoner Girls enter their third season (it premiered last week), they expect to add new and exciting things to the show, such as more guests and more people coming out of their "stoner closet."

Follow the show on Twitter @StonerGirlDiary and the girls themselves @WhiteGirlisDope and @h3y_maa. To see more episodes, subscribe to the HGAB YouTube channel.

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