Stone Groove: Vagabond's Weekly Poetry and Jazz Open Mic Night

Talking about Stone Groove. Then we can dig it. Jus' hang loose, blood. What it is, big slick? Our mama ain't raise no dummies. We dug the rap! Cut me some slack, Jack! Say 'e can't hang! Jive ass dudes don't got no brains anyhow!

Stone Groove is an avant-garde, bohemian, poetic, open mic, musical mash-up where some of Miami's most talented artists come to express themselves and be inspired by their peers. It is a direct reflection of Miami and it's diversity. If you think Stone Groove is just about music, you're wrong. Rotating artists feature their work every month. Comedians perform. Performance artists lay down monologues, and Stone Groove has some of the best spoken word artists in downtown Miami performing every Tuesday.

Carmel Ophir, owner of the


, sees the Tuesday night downtown staple as something special. "It's more than just an open mic night, a lot more. At Stone Groove, hipsters and artists generate an electric energy as both spectators and performers," he explains.

"Stone Groove is one of Miami's strongest social networking scenes. It's a place for artists to express themselves and fine-tune their craft amongst their peers. And it is the soul of The Vagabond."

It is important for Miami to create a platform where artists can congregate and collaborate for projects while expressing themselves freely, without prejudice, and with a little bit of funk. Stone Groove delivers the funk.

Now in its third year, the spoken word event is hosted by Marcus Blake, an eccentric and talented player and poet on the growing downtown art scene. He is backed by the 3rd Party, a jazz-fused band that sets the tone for the night. They serve as a musical backdrop for whoever wants to get on the mic.

On occasion, Stone Groove has special evenings, including hosting opening parties for both Art Basel and Winter Music Conference. When Stone Groove kicks off a conference, you know it's going to be a long week for Miamians. Sometimes they also show music documentary screenings, such as The Doors "When You're Strange" and The Rolling Stones "Stones in Exile." Stone Groove was Inspired by the late '50s/early '60s Beat Scene in NYC's Greenwich Village coffee houses, and brought up-to-date with today's nu-bohemia.

Rod Deal is the promoter for Stone Groove. He describes the future of the party. "Stone Groove will continue to grow and evolve but remain true to its homegrown roots. We're going to be having more big name features from our community, as well as national talent, and it will always be a platform for anyone that has something to say on the mic."

Stone Groove takes place every Tuesday at the Vagabond (30 NE 14th St. Miami). Visit the Stone Grove Facebook page.

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