Sprout Flower Shop Opens in Wynwood Tonight With Free Drinks and Live Music

Wynwood, the former warehouse district known as much for its burgeoning development as its graffiti art, has recently welcomed an increasing number of retail stores. But the freshly opened flower shop Sprout has a more organic approach to sales in the gritty arts district.

The shop specializes in exotic orchids, succulents, air plants, bonsais, and fresh-cut flowers, as well as plants you've probably never heard of. Mom-and-daughter owners Angelica and Bianca Ruggeri took over an empty 2,100-square-foot space on 26th Street at North Miami Avenue in August and transformed it into an urban Zen-garden-like storefront.

For Wynwood residents craving a touch of green, Sprout is exactly what the hood needs. Besides Plant the Future, there aren't many spots in the area to find foliage for your humble abode. Bianca thought that "Wynwood needed an oasis, if you will, amongst all the industrial buildings and warehouses. I mean, I think Wynwood is beautiful, that's why we wanted to be here. But let's face it -- there aren't a lot of green spaces here.

"We wanted to open a place where locals could come enjoy a lush indoor garden of sorts," she continues, "and have someone to turn to when looking to add a little plant life to their spaces. My mom (and partner) grows some of the most beautiful orchids I've seen. We will be bringing in some of her private collection as well, which will be a treat for any orchid fan out there."

And don't worry -- you won't have to pay masterpiece prices for your works of natural art. Sprout plans to keep the price points fair, so you won't have to spend hundreds of dollars for something beautiful.

"We will carry orchids throughout the year, changing the variety as they become available by the seasons. Flowers will also be seasonal to maintain the highest quality and freshness, but you can bet on some really interesting roses, hydrangeas, lilies, and other exotic flowers as staples," says Angelica, who also has a fondness for shrooms. (No, not that kind.)

The Ruggeris have spent the summer preparing the store for autumn, Halloween, and Art Basel. Expect to see poetry evenings, book club meetings, and flower arranging workshops on the calendar, as well as a West Elm collaboration in the near future. The shop also features a small coffee bar for all you caffeine junkies who want to take advantage of the store's free Wi-Fi.

Planned for this weekend is Sprout's grand-opening celebration (October 10 through 12), with complimentary coffee, wine, Wood Tavern's "Backyard Boogie Lemonade," Perrier, and light bites. Thursday's festivities will include live music by Nacho Londono of Eagle Chief, and Haitian Hillbilly will DJ throughout the night. Friday will feature a dance performance of the upcoming CASK by Marissa Alma Nick and singer Jahzel Dotel, as well as a playlist party with DJ KerBear. Saturday will bustle with art walkers, so when you're in the area, stop by for a free beverage and enjoy some entertainment.

-- Kerry McLaney, founder of Wynwood-based 305 Creative Group (@305creative)

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