Spirits in the Material World

Western culture tends to view the afterlife as something to be feared, “the undiscovered country from whose bourne no traveler returns,” according to Big Willie Shakespeare. In Haitian culture, the hereafter isn’t necessarily seen in such dire terms, and maintaining a regular connection with the spirits is of paramount importance. Every year Jude Papaloko opens his bright and beautiful Jakmel Art Gallery for Gede, a spiritual celebration that features art, live music, and delicious traditional eats. “Gede is the gatekeeper standing between life and the other side – not death, but the other side, the other life. Gede travels into our world and beyond. Gede comes to tell the truth and to fix things,” explains the ever-intriguing Papaloko. Tonight’s celebration will begin at 9:00 with live music by DJ Kiki, Jahfe, as well as Papaloko and his band Loray Mistik. The vodou ceremony begins at midnight. “In the ceremony, we will make offerings to the spirits, and after the ceremony, we dance to the music of the traditional drummer. Everybody can come, but this will not be a regular party – there will be rituals, and it will be a real cultural experience,” explains Papaloko. Admission costs ten dollars. Call 786-312-5947, or visit www.judepapaloko.com.
Sat., Nov. 25

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