South Florida Zombie Crawl 2013: Booze, Braaaaains, and More Booze (VIDEO)

In retrospect, it was probably a bad idea to use gravy as shampoo beforehand, but we did manage to make it through the second annual South Florida Zombie Crawl with our braaaaains mostly intact.

This weekend, the reanimated corpses of many of your friends and neighbors shambled through the Shops at Midtown to sample food and drink. It was not an event without controversy, with many actual zombies protesting that zombie makeup is nothing more than than the dead person equivalent of blackface. It was also the one night a year that people with terrifying skin conditions are able to go out and get their shopping done, so bully for them.

Below, you will find our video report from the event. Trigger warning: lots of drunk adults in makeup ahead...

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Some would argue that Miami is not the best city for zombies to go when looking to feast on brains, that we offer more of a small plates or tapas situation. Others might argue that Mayor Carlos Giménez's recently thwarted effort to shut down our city's libraries was just an effort to protect us from the zombies by making our brains less appetizing. Either way, we feel lucky to be alive.

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