South Florida Web Awards: Meet Your Twitter, Instagram, and Arts/Culture Nominees

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Professional photography? Pssshaw. Screw SLRs. These days all you need is a cell phone cam and a few key filters, and you can stake your claim as the next Ansel Adams. These accounts represent some of South Florida's finest assortment of snazzy snapshots. Kudos to them for repping our little piece of paradise.


This landscape heavy account features stunning backdrops from Dan Piraino, an "aviator and outdoorsman". From sunsets and streetscapes to marinas and neon signs, he covers some of Laudy's most picturesque spots, keeping the Northerners jonesing for some South Florida time.


Midtown's favorite spot for late night noodles and fluffy buns is a master of stocking their stream with seductive visuals. From their daily special board to pork belly and donut sammys, their stream is filled with droolworthy creations and enticing updates.


Coach/photographer Anthony Maldonado serves up creative objects d'art and charming captures of life in MIA. He shoots everything from catwalk strutters and Zoo Miami's primates to candid portraits and stunning sunsets. And he's got mad Photoshop skills.


Art is everywhere in the MIA - on sidewalks, street corners and wallscapes. Miamiinstaart unearths street art citywide and sends snapshots of murals, graffiti portraits and other hidden treasures to art enthusiasts everywhere. Who needs a gallery when the streets beget such genius?


Laudy's historic downtown concert venue updates their stream with snapshots of artists in wild attire, merch shots and colorful flyers. Behind the scenes snapshots and stage-side candids keep music fans feeling like they're in on all the action.

And last but certainly not least, we give you your arts and culture blog nominees.

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