South Florida Web Awards: Meet Your Twitter, Instagram, and Arts/Culture Nominees

To say the web ties worlds together seamlessly with invisible streams of data would be a gross understatement. So New Times is celebrating Miami's greatest with our first annual South Florida Web Awards.

We've scoured online media from news, to arts and culture, to food and music, and Twitter and Instagram, Miami's finest have another opportunity to show the city their stuff.

You've already voted, and the tallies are in, but as we gear up for our sick celebration at Green Room this Saturday (which, you're invited to, by the way), we'll be rolling out intros to South Florida's nominees throughout the week.

The world had no idea of the beast that would become from Twitter when it rolled out back in 2006. "Tell us what's going on in 140 characters or less," they said. Well, hell, we bypassed the 140 count at "character," but the point is that Twitter is just as much of a communication tool these days as talking or texting. It's the new black. #NewBlack


Typically slinging profound profanities in every direction, Pepe Billete has a cult-like following that would impress any social media expert. And that's pretty awesome -- you know, given that he's just a puppet on Youtube videos. Tio Pepe, as he's often referred to as, is the ultimate [puppet] master of Cuban spanglish, local chisme, and chusmeria. His catchphrase, "PLP" resonates anywhere you turn. Pa la pinga!


We wrote an entire story on this guy's Twitter account. That's saying something. Logan Morrison, the most lovable Marlins outfielder in Miami, Tweets subtle shockers about his day, like this one, "That awkward moment when you're able to muffle a giant fart, then realize it smells like Bigfoot's dick..."


Bill Corben is something of a household name in Miami. He's the genius behind Cocaine Cowboys and the media studio, Rakontur, that produced it. Film directing isn't his only highlight, though. That man's a Tweeting machine and he's particularly notorious for Tweeting things that ya cain't help but retweet.


The Vice Queen is, in fact, the alter ego to Sex and the Beach blogger, Maria De Los Angeles. She can Tweet something as innocent as "Sauteeing fresh spinach with garlic, tomatoes and olives and putting that on top of a pepperoni pizza makes it healthy, right?" and then go 180 on you with this: "This butter is so good, I want to rub it all over my man!" See? We told you. Royalty be cray.


The Don man's Twitter bio reads, "Senior Writer for ESPN The Magazine and Author of First Off the Tee, Her Way and Wonder Girl. Horrendously Bad Golfer." A horrendously bad golfer he may be, but the man knows how to keep upwards of 13.5 thousand people following his every move. And it ain't just his good looks, if ya know what we mean.

Check out the hipstamatic nominees for Instagram after the jump.

Professional photography? Pssshaw. Screw SLRs. These days all you need is a cell phone cam and a few key filters, and you can stake your claim as the next Ansel Adams. These accounts represent some of South Florida's finest assortment of snazzy snapshots. Kudos to them for repping our little piece of paradise.


This landscape heavy account features stunning backdrops from Dan Piraino, an "aviator and outdoorsman". From sunsets and streetscapes to marinas and neon signs, he covers some of Laudy's most picturesque spots, keeping the Northerners jonesing for some South Florida time.


Midtown's favorite spot for late night noodles and fluffy buns is a master of stocking their stream with seductive visuals. From their daily special board to pork belly and donut sammys, their stream is filled with droolworthy creations and enticing updates.


Coach/photographer Anthony Maldonado serves up creative objects d'art and charming captures of life in MIA. He shoots everything from catwalk strutters and Zoo Miami's primates to candid portraits and stunning sunsets. And he's got mad Photoshop skills.


Art is everywhere in the MIA - on sidewalks, street corners and wallscapes. Miamiinstaart unearths street art citywide and sends snapshots of murals, graffiti portraits and other hidden treasures to art enthusiasts everywhere. Who needs a gallery when the streets beget such genius?


Laudy's historic downtown concert venue updates their stream with snapshots of artists in wild attire, merch shots and colorful flyers. Behind the scenes snapshots and stage-side candids keep music fans feeling like they're in on all the action.

And last but certainly not least, we give you your arts and culture blog nominees.

As our arts and culture landscape heats up, we've got savvy scenesters reporting from the front lines about all the hotness hitting Miami. These folks do us a serious service and keep us informed about all the culturally significant stuff we're way too lazy to get into on our own.


London born Thomas Hollingworth offers up insightful commentary on the most culturally relevant topics spanning South Florida. Penned by a conglomeration of guest bloggers and talented locals, it's an in-depth, intricate and educated look at all things art.

Beached Miami

The brainchild of Miami boy Jordan Melnick, this blog covers everything relevant to our ever-expanding cultural landscape. From sports commentary to contentious issues, the team tackles the good stuff and helps unite the community with creative events (two-wheeled scavenger hunt, anyone?), to boot.


The online extension of Rakontur Media Studios, (led by outspoken filmmakers Billy Corben and Alfred Spellman), this blog keep the city on its toes with tales of drug running, backyard beatings and financial ruin. From the iconic Cocaine Cowboys to Broke (newly aired on ESPN), the duo keeps a keen eye on topics the average Miamian might otherwise overlook.

Salty Eggs

An ode to intellectual discourse and good taste, Salty Eggs offers insight, informs and pokes more than a little fun. Covering topics ranging from Mitt's latest misstep to JK Rowling's tepid book release, the team keeps readers engaged with witty snipes and astute commentary.

South Florida Theatre Scene

For South Florida theater geeks, this is a one-stop-shop for shrewd, stage-related news and reviews. From aggregating show reviews and offering backstage job listings to providing a performance calendar and commentary from insiders, the blog is an all-inclusive look at the evolving on-stage landscape.

Sex and the Beach

Not to be confused with the ill-fated expo by a similar name (the blog came first), this off-the-cuff look at Miami living covers lots more than its namesake topic. From adventures at sea and Hialeah history, Maria de los Angeles has been repping the 305 for seven years and counting through in-depth observations and spot-on humor. (Fun fact: in true alter ego style, Maria also lives on as Twitter's own @ViceQueenMaria.)

South Florida Web Awards with Boxwood and Panic Bomber. Saturday, November 10 at Green Room, 109 SW Second Ave., Fort Lauderdale. Doors at 10 p.m. 21 and over. Free and open to the public.

--Hannah Sentenac and Alex Rodriguez

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