South Florida Creatives React to the Miami Heat Championship Win

Who says culture and sports don't mix?

When Miami Heat fever hit its peak last night as the Three Kings & company crushed the OKC Thunder, the hoards of crazy pot-wielding fans weren't solely made up of drunk frat bros and the 305's so-called "fairweather fans." Plenty of Miami's artists, filmmakers, and other creative types also joined in the celebration -- both out in the real world, and in the cloud of social networking.

From Uncle Luke's party plans to Aholsniffsglue's warning to revelers, here are a few of our favorite reactions.

The poets of Hialeah Haikus are right: After partying all night, a Cuban colada may well be in order.

Anybody party with Uncle Luke on Calle Ocho last night?

The text accompanying Aholsniffsglue's Instagram pic: "Party safe #maimi- the crazies are out!"

Billy Corben feeds Skip Bayless his own words.

That's a whole lot of makeup, even for Elaine Lancaster.

Filmmaker Jonathan David Kane's secession plans would make Floridalandia the most effed-up country in the world. But we do agree Pat Riley belongs on U.S. currency.

University of Wynwood founder P. Scott Cunningham voices the Mike Miller-Natalie Portman connection. Don't act like you weren't thinking it too.

But perhaps the folks at the Borscht Corp. said it best:

Bosh would approve.

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