South Beach Movie Theaters Can Now Legally Sell Booze

In a world where booze is legal at the movies, one theater could change audiences' film-watching experience forever.

That's right, film buffs. Soon, South Beach moviegoers might not need a flask to get drunk at the theater. Miami Beach commissioners approved a measure Wednesday to allow some movie theaters to sell alcohol.

The measure applies to theaters with at least 300 permanent seats and measuring at least 15,000 square feet, such as Regal South Beach Stadium 18 on the corner of Lincoln and Alton roads.

Booze-shilling theaters must also be located in a designated "commercial high-intensity district." Theaters must also establish protocol for keeping minors away from drinkers, including separate areas where the alcohol is served.

It's unclear if any Miami Beach theaters other than Regal meet the standards of the ordinance. The Miami Beach Cinematheque, the Beach's independent cinema, could stand to benefit but might not qualify because of its size.

Regal Cinemas has not yet made a statement about what the new ordinance means for its South Beach location. The company did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

But it's probably only a matter of time before the Lincoln Road theater joins the ranks of CineBistro and CocoWalk's Paragon Grove as "brew-and-view" theaters in Miami. Which is a good thing if you've been meaning to retire that flask, a bad thing if you hate rowdy people in movie theaters, and not really much of a thing at all if you can't afford movie snacks to begin with. When a plain old Diet Coke costs $7, just imagine what they'll charge to put a little rum in it.

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