Something is Amiss with the Britto at Fifth & Alton

Has someone been egging the new Britto sculpture at Fifth & Alton?

Nearly two months ago, we here at the New Times playfully (half-jokingly...actually not joking at all) encouraged you to take out your Britto frustration by egging the new sculpture. As you can see from the above photo, something is clearly not incense and peppermints with the new work. One has to wonder what caused this totally awesome transformation? Perhaps that graying effect is the result of a mixture of florescent washable markers and eggs being caked in the Miami sun? Or maybe the sun is just that damn angry at the amount of solar energy it expels onto Britto's work. Is the color gray staging a revolution against Britto's work?

Dear reader, one has to look no further than the plastic bra on the beachball to see, this was a drive-by egging in the first degree.

Click through for more photos.

Workers from the Berkowitz Development Group were onsite to oversee the

piece's totally new and exxxtremely hardcore makeover. Apparently the

story the developers are running with is that they were unhappy with

the welds that merge the sculpture together so they're realigning the

piece. Those little circles of discoloration are the spots where the

sculpture is hooked into and then raised, instead of little badass

anarchy circles the perfect size for Super Mario Bullet Bill bullet


Pffft. Whatever. I know an old fashioned egging when I see it. Twenty bucks on Eggland's Best. Hats off to you, New Times Robin Hood, wherever you are.

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Dave Landsberger