Sofia Vergara to Star in Pedro Almodóvar/Lee Daniels Flick About Miami Reporter

Miami is getting another chance to move beyond the onscreen branding of Miami Vice and Scarface. The Paperboy, a new film by Precious director Lee Daniels, follow a Miami Times (no, not Miami New Times, but close) reporter who gets wrapped up in a homicide case.

Adapted from a Peter Dexter novel by the same name, the story was originally developed by Pedro Almodóvar. And according to the Hollywood Reporter, the cast includes Miami resident and Modern Family queen Sofia Vergara, Matthew McConaughey, Zac Efron, and Tobey Maguire. With all that swoony sex appeal and vice coverage, The Paperboy is bound to replace all other media representation of sexy, violent Miami. Now if we just had an earworm-y theme song to replace Phil Collins' "In the Air Tonight."

So far, the only details, according to IndieWire are that Vergara will play a death row inmate's wife. And whereas the novel centers on a Miami reporter, in real life the novelist had journalism experience with a paper two counties north of here.

Dexter, who's also a National Book Awarding-winning novelist, worked at what is now The Palm Beach Post back in the '70s. He quit after the paper's owners made editors endorse Richard Nixon in the 1972 presidential campaign. Beyond that, his 1986 novel Deadwood was the basis for the HBO series and he also wrote the screenplays for films like Mullholland Falls and Michael.

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