Sofia Vergara Invites You To Check Out Her Ass (No, Really) (PHOTO)

When it comes to social media, celebrities tend to fall into one of several categories. You have your wacky comedy types like George Takei, posting funny pictures. You have your obsessively perfect celebs (ahem, Beyonce) whose every Instagram photo is expertly framed and filtered.

And then you have the oversharers. Guess which category Sofia Vergara falls into?

Here's a hint: the Modern Family star's latest selfie is showing a whole lot of cheek.

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Vergara tweeted the above picture with the caption "Where @keegankillian and @luisbalaguer cant find me!!!" over the weekend. Keegan Killian is Vergara's assistant; Luis Balaguer is her manager. Hey, sometimes you've just gotta get away from it all -- even if you are the highest paid actress on TV. (Balaguer responded, suggesting Vergara squeeze in a quick photo shoot for Diet Pepsi, whom she represents in a series of commercials.)

Or maybe she's just tired of everyone focusing on her (admittedly spectacular) rack. She's fresh off a stint filming Machete Kills, in which she trades in her bust for a pair of blazing guns. But hell, at age 40, every part of Vergara's looking fine. Can't she get a little love for the badonk, too?

Judging by this photo, the answer is an unequivocal yes.

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