So You Think You Can Dance's Season Nine Girl Champion Is From South Florida

See Two South Florida So You Think You Can Dance Contestants are Nearing the Finish Line.

No, the current So You Think You Can Dance season isn't yet over. We still have two more weeks -- a night of performances by the final four dancers Tuesday, followed by the balloon-dropping, champion-announcing finale the week after -- before we'll know exactly who's taking home the title of America's Favorite Dancer.

But after last night, we know that America's Favorite Female Dancer is from South Florida.

At the start of last night's episode, three girls remained. Then Witney Carson, the 18-year-old Latin ballroom dancer from small-town Utah, was eliminated -- leaving Tiffany Maher, of Plantation, and Eliana Girard, of West Palm Beach. Because there will be two winners this season -- one male and one female -- one of them will take home the title.

Maher and Girard join male finalists Chechon Wespi-Tschopp of Zurich, Switzerland, and Cyrus Spencer of Atlanta, Georgia, in the top four.

Both South Florida dancers have plenty of personality. Girard, 21, specializes in ballet, and was also a Cirque du Soleil member in 2009, making a lasting impression during the show's auditions by displaying her pole-dancing talents. (Think performance art, not a stripper show.)

Maher, 19, is more of the traditional stereotype of a dancer -- a jazz dancer with a tiny frame and a bubbly personality -- but she's also been a judge favorite throughout the competition. She's never been voted into the competition's bottom four or bottom six, which means she's never been up for elimination. (Girard was in the bottom six on July 25, but was saved by the judges.)

So who wins? At this point, our money's on Maher, with her perfect record and malleable dance skills that have helped her pull off styles from foxtrot to hip-hop. But Girard's given us some memorable performances as well, and there's still one more night of performances to go.

Either way, though, it'll be a win for the home team.

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