Slum Goddess Fashion: Miami Isn't Ready For This

From the underground of Miami, a fashion designer gave birth to her first collection last Saturday at Grand Central. (L.A.W) Lauren Ann Wolfe dressed the catwalk with a very unexpected fashion art show. A dark ritual performance paying tribute to the moon, the haunted and the daring, called "Slum Goddess."

A half-naked model personifying a dark possessed princess initiated the show with a leather-stripped piece wrapped around her breast and neck, paired with a semi transparent silk skirt. All models had blood dripping lips and pale faces. Male bodies also strutted the runway chained in leather and spikes. Each model personified a character, from prisoners to zombie brides and even some Japanese avant-garde geishas were spotted on the show.

The colors mainly black and whites on leather, organza, charmeuse and vintage fabrics. Some accents of bright colors were thrown in as well. The style bounced from one garment to the next one amongst Goth, earthy inspired outfits and fetish. Accessories ranged from metal chains, studs, hair bracelets/necklaces, and leather masks by (J&V Addicted) Virginia Valere.

Lauren Ann Wolfe's fashion show was light years ahead of Miami's fashion scene, a young and very creative girl that not only orchestrates a high couture collection but also is capable of putting together a production to the level of any European catwalks. Hope Miami can learn to appreciate it! Follow Cultist on Facebook and Twitter @CultistMiami.

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Pamela Wasabi
Contact: Pamela Wasabi