Skrawberry's Guide to Moving In With Your Man

You know Miami stripper Skrawberry for her rap skills, her political commentary, and of course, her sexy moves on the pole. Now, you'll also know her for her sound advice. In this weekly column, Skraw responds to readers' questions about life, love, and beyond. Got a question for Skraw? Hit her up at skrawberry@miaminewtimes.com.

Dear Skrawberry,

Me and my boyfriend have been dating for almost a year and two months. We've been talking about moving in together. He's only a little over two years older than me, yet so many people are making it out to be a big deal. 

It's not like he abuses me or treats me badly -- if anything, it's the exact opposite of that. He always wants to do things for me. He treats me like a princess and I love it. But we know that moving in together really is a big thing. I feel like I'm ready to do it, but I want to make sure he is. I wanna know if he's truly comfortable with moving in with me, but I dont wanna sound pushy like, "Hey, are you sure? Are you sure? Are you absolutely positive?" So how can I be sure?

Moving With My Baby


First off, him being two years older than you shouldn't even be a factor in y'all's relationship. (Unless, in fact, you are underage.) Would it be any different if you was two years older? No! No one would feel like he's takin' advantage of you if you were older. But since it's the other way around, it's a problem? No.

Fourteen months -- the amount of time you been with your boyfriend -- is actually a long time. Some people have a 1-year-old child in just 14 months. And a child is forever!

If you've been with this guy over a year, he does everything he's supposed to do as a man, especially as your man, then why not move in with him? Why are you second-guessing your perfect man? Are you not with him and only him? Are you not ready to be in a live-in relationship with this man? Do you not wanna give up the freedom of living alone? If you are not ready to settle down, why lead him on and even have this conversation?

If you are ready, like you say you are, then act ready. How could you even say you'd sound too pushy just by askin "are you sure"? Ask it once, and believe what he tells you -- if he's so perfect, he won't lie to you. Don't you think he's thought this whole thing through before he even came to you with the idea?

You need to tighten up. Don't treat him bad if you say he treat you like a princess. Don't let a good man go! If he love you, and you love him back, go for it! If worse comes to worst, you don't like it, just move out. But leave him alone, and I guarantee you, when you see him with another woman, see how you feel!

Women all say we want a man who absolutely adores us to come home to every night. You have that, and you playing games with him! You better act right and move in with that man. Stop all that nagging-ass shit and keep them stupid-ass questions to yourself. The question is, are you sure? He is -- if he wasn't, he wouldn't have asked you.


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