Skrawberry's Guide to Getting It On in Public

You know Miami stripper Skrawberry for her rap skills, her political commentary,

and of course, her sexy moves on the pole. Now, you'll also know her

for her sound advice. In this weekly column, Skraw responds to readers'

questions about life, love, and beyond. Got a question for Skraw? Hit

her up at skrawberry@miaminewtimes.com.

Hey Skrawberry,

Big fan! So my girlfriend and I want to take our relations outside the bedroom for a little thrill in public. The only thing is, it's a little too thrilling for her -- she's worried we're going to get caught, or worse, arrested!

What should I say to calm her down? And can you give us any advice in that department -- tips for being sneaky, or tried-and-true places you have done?

Out in the Open

Out in the Open,

We not gonna talk about me, because I'm an adventurer. I'm on another level!

Most important, don't force your girlfriend to do anything. You better be supportive if you want to make her comfortable.

It's easy to have sex in front of people. Just be discreet and watch your facial expressions. Most people, even if they was to catch you, they'd be too embarrassed for themselves if you was to catch them lookin'!

But watch out -- don't get too excited and put yourself in a situation that's gonna cause you to get arrested for solicitation or indecent exposure. You need to make sure when you guys are in the act of bein' spontaneous, you must protect her from anything that she may be afraid of.

Start off small. Take her out for drinks (there's nothin' like liquid courage) and find out how far outside the bedroom she want to go at first. Maybe you start on your apartment balcony, or in your backyard. Maybe you drive someplace empty and do it in the car. Once she get a taste for the thrill, she might be open to more risky places, like in the movie theater. (If you decide to go with the movie theater, go all the way to the top row. She might be more comfortable if the movie is not crowded; try a early movie when people are at work and/ or school.) Won't be long before you make your way up to the beach sand on a crowded day! Just don't be all in the buck now. Have her wear a sundress and while you're layin' back, have her straddle you!

Just don't do anything around kids and seniors. And don't rush into anything too soon and get in trouble. Solicitation stays on your record! But as long as she know you aren't gonna get any of her fucktivities caught, she shouldn't be scared!


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