Skrawberry's Guide to Dealing With Your Demanding Mother-in-Law

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OK, so here it goes: I despise my monster in law! There, I said it.

I love my husband very much, and want my marriage to work. He adores his monster -- I mean, mother, and if she calls, he drops everything to tend to her needs, neglecting mine. He is a great guy and I don't want to leave, but (and there is always a but) I can't take it anymore! She is the cause of a lot of disagreements between us.

So here's my view: I married him, the man and his sons (they're grown and not in the home), not his monster -- I mean, mother, and he should respect that just as I respect his views. Help!

Desperate Forced Homemaker


I've never been in this type of situation because I'm the type to speak my mind. There are ways to set people straight without being disrespectful, but at the same time getting your point across.

Your mother-in-law is too much in your business, and whatever she does, your husband make her feel like it's OK. That's why she does it. You married your husband, meaning you are the first lady in his life. His duty should now be to make you happy -- even if that mean putting his mom on the back burner.

I'm not saying to have him disrespect his mom, and I'm not telling you to do it either. I'm tellin' you to let her know to stay out y'all damn business. She ain't payin any bills in your home, so she shouldn't be able to dictate what goes on. Maybe his mom need some entertainment, or a man. Maybe she need some dick! One is never too old to fuck -- and what don't get wet, will be dropping with spit!

And you didn't marry his sons either -- you accepted the fact that he had children! Don't make an excuse for his kids to run over you, especially since they are grown and not living in the home!

Why don't you let your husband know that you would rather not engage in any disagreements brought on by his mom? Talk about this with your husband and find his mom a man. Clearly she still think her son, your husband, is a child. So just talk about it. Communication is key. Have him put himself in your shoes. How would he feel if your mom was a nag and always added her two cent in y'all relationship?

You all need to sit down and sort out y'all differences. Don't allow his nagging-ass mom to put a strain on your relationship with your husband!


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