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Skinny Jeans Not Skinny Enough? American Eagle Introduces Spray-On Skinnies

You might have heard of Lululemon brand yoga pants, recalled this week for being too sheer. What stiffneck initiated that recall?

Well, fortunately for us, American Eagle has no qualms about selling clothes that don't actually clothe the body.

Introducing spray-on skinny jeans -- jeans that fit like a second skin. Because they are, sort of.

The interwebz is functioning at full throttle, debating whether these are actual jeans being offered or a genius marketing ploy on American Eagle's part.

Here's the commercial. What do you think?

A few things came to mind as we researched this important issue for you:

1. Why would American Eagle advertise these jeans as spray-on if they aren't? Yes, we get the creative conceptualizing, but really? We figure AE would end up with a lot more angry tweens than happy customers. If this product is in fact fake, we'd hate to be the ones to inform eighth-grader Tammy that we were just joking and she will actually have to wear real clothes.

2. What about our underwear? Do we spray over them? Do we not wear any? Or does AE have a base coat that serves as panties?

3. Did you see the ass cheeks on that chick? Holy crap.

American Eagle claims there are 1,000 "jeans" available, but if you click on the purchase link on its website, a pop-up informs you that the product is temporarily sold out.

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