What have you done for your Miami Heat lately? Cheered them on from your couch? Spilled beer on yourself while pointing out missed fouls at Will Call? Bitched about Spoelstra on sports talk radio?

Six Miami Heat-Themed Works of Art to Prepare You for Game Five


When it comes to professional athletics, rabid fandom knows no bounds. Truly die-hard supporters are willing to take it to the limit in celebration of their chosen team, be it through homo-erotic tribute tattoos, custom Crown Victorias or body paint (sans anything else). But aside from people engaged in ridiculous, often-distracting antics that involve personal glory (we're looking at this guy), some of these fan-atics actually have talent and choose to channel that energy into more aesthetically appealing pursuits. 

So to get you all fired up for tonight's game (if that's even possible at this point), here's a handy roundup of some of the best Heat fan art we've seen to date. Enjoy.

Well heyyyyy there hot stuff! This vignette of Bosh looking saucy was done by artist Billi Kid (killer name, natch) over a section of the 2011 NBA All Star Game court. Kid is a partner/curator for Art of Basketball, an org that creates works of art in collaboration with the NBA. And yeah, they've got some sweet stuff.
Don't they look like little angels? All halo-riffic and shit. Our heaven-sent Big Three were immortalized by artist Joe Iurato in this piece dubbed "Hell Hath No Fury Like a King in His Court."

Feast your eyes on this digital design by aarontheartist. He penned this piece of LeBron looking grizzly, D-Wade, contemplative. The boys at their always-intense best. (Even if Dwyane is sporting some Angelina Jolie-style lips.)

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